Monday, July 22, 2024

Wisconsin MAGA: Adam Steen, Orlando Owens and Others are the New Faces of The Movement That isn’t Conservative


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A few years back Paris Procopis met a person who is still a team member for NewsUndone had the courage to expose corruption in the Adam Steen campaign.

The Wisconsin Ethics Commission has recommended that state prosecutors file felony charges against a fundraising committee for former President Donald Trump and a Republican state lawmaker related to an effort to unseat Assembly Speaker Robin Vos.

The ethics commission on Tuesday referred the alleged violations to several county prosecutors, based on documents the commission provided Friday.

In a series of reports shared Friday with district attorneys’ offices in the state, the bipartisan ethics panel laid out evidence of an alleged scheme to direct funds to the campaign of Adam Steen, a Trump-endorsed Republican who in 2022 unsuccessfully ran to unseat Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, one of the most powerful lawmakers in the state.

Under state law, a Wisconsin Assembly candidate can only accept up to $1,000 from an individual or a PAC, but can accept an unlimited amount from a state or county party committee – which can also accept unlimited amounts from a donor.

Trump’s Save America leadership PAC was among the straw donors, the ethics panel found. Federal and state campaign finance records show that Save America gave $5,000 each to Langlade County GOP, Florence County GOP and Chippewa County GOP, all on the same day on Aug. 31, 2022.

State campaign finance records show Langdale County GOP donated $40,000 to Steen’s campaign during the 2022 race.

Another MAGA Republican Orlando Owens told me he was a cofounder of the Joseph project. Orlando has been on multiple Instagram lives saying things that I have written about him are false.

Here is a rundown of Orlando Owens history .

Owens lost an Aug. 9 primary challenge from attorney and state GOP operative John Leiber. Orlando lost to a guy who didn’t even really campaign then he blamed Robin Voss.

Owens’ bankruptcy filing in 2012 indicated he racked up predominantly consumer debts totaling almost $250,000, according to public records made available by the Eastern District of Wisconsin’s bankruptcy court.

Sen. Johnson and Pastor Jerome Smith Sr. of Greater Praise Church of God in Christ in Milwaukee co-found the Joseph Project in September 2015.

But on an Instagram live, Orlando Owens claimed he was a cofounder of the Joseph project and we cannot confirm that. Orlando Owens is saying that he is a cofounder and we can’t verify his claim.

Insert Matt Snorek who along with Adrianne Melby and others are trying to get Robin Vos Recalled.

Ali Schweitzer, Wisconsin mom displayed “sex toys” during a public school board meeting to express her disapproval is also one of Trumps biggest supporters, she worked for him and supported Steen.

For the record, I think Ali was right with how she handled the school board and me her Orlando and Adrianne were once friends.

Back to Matt, people are questioning the authenticity of the recall, because he currently is going through a battle with the town of Burlington over a judgement for $12,850.00

I don’t know Matt Personally but to someone on the outside looking in that’s pretty odd.

I got behind on child support and my taxes before, so I get getting into it with state and city government, but I’m not trying to get the Judge recalled or fired.

Moderate Republicans and reasonable Republicans still exist, but they have been silenced by followers of President Trump.

Historically every movement, and everything has its ups and downs with that said, this is a very low point for the Republican party in Wisconsin.

Because of how my daughter was treated at an event when she had on a mask with people in the party, trying to discredit me early on, I will never be a registered Republican.

There are candidates that I like, and there are candidates I don’t.

People don’t like to go where they are not welcomed, and according to Marjorie Taylor Green, anyone that doesn’t exactly like the group will be eradicated from their party meaning all moderate Republicans.


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