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Win or Lose Tim changed the optics of the party


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I’m on 32nd and Morgan and the black dude has a Tim Michels sign. Tim is transcending for being Tim , that goes beyond him being a Republican. When I was young, you being a white Republican you lost most people. I was taught to listen to what someone is saying.

I’m in a mood so I’m going to be candid. Those who pay attention to my work know my resume. I’ve had soft people tell me I shouldn’t associate with these Republicans. At the end of the day I’m a street dude off of 28th and Center, from a family whose business was __________. With that being said until you see your friends murder other friends, you and I are not the same.

So I embrace the hate, even though, after I called-out people doing half-reporting and reporting falsehoods on Tim, these same people put up my back tax information. I was homeless at one point and I had issues paying the back taxes. I set up a weekly payment plan and I’m cutting into the debt. Just like thousands of other everyday people have had to do over the years. But, I press on.

Because of some of these half-truths, Tim is a magnet and a lightning rod. But why? People keep saying they don’t know his stances? That’s odd because Mark Belling does. That’s odd because Dan O’Donnell does. That’s odd because my mentor Jay Weber does.

Just go to his website and literally everything is there for all to see.

Here, let me help you out, this is from his website. Read his positions for yourself:

His Economic Blue Print

Compete with neighboring states by reducing corporate and individual income taxes to attract and retain more talent in Wisconsin.

Increase American energy production and distribution to provide low cost and reliable energy for families and businesses all across the state.

Eliminate the personal property tax.

Recruit out-of-state veterans to join the Wisconsin workforce by improving VA hospitals and providing businesses with hiring incentives.

Leverage our water and work ethic to make Wisconsin the premier manufacturing hub for the military defense industry.

Overhaul and streamline the state’s occupational licensing laws to eliminate barriers that prevent people from starting and expanding their businesses.

Incentivize students to pursue education in, and invest in training for, high-demand fields such as healthcare, engineering, and technology and remain in the state after graduation.

Expedite access to high-speed broadband in rural communities so that all areas of Wisconsin can participate in the digital economy.

Increase opportunities for K-12 students to participate in hands-on internships, youth apprenticeships, and programs such as Dual Enrollment.

Increase investments in the state’s vocational technical training to enhance the hands-on skills of the Wisconsin workforce.

Recognize that public safety is economic development and that the storefronts and the property of business owners must be protected from acts of domestic terrorism.

Crime Initiative


“Wisconsin is on the wrong track and I will work with any willing partners to fix the mess created by generations of politicians who have accepted no for an answer.

Public safety is yet another area where Governor Evers has failed miserably. Criminals are abusing the system and this governor sits idly by as weak prosecutors and liberal judges make a mockery of the hard work done by local law enforcement across the state.”


Fire Milwaukee County DA John Chisholm on Day One
Incentivize the hiring of more police officers, particularly in our most dangerous neighborhoods.

Create new mandatory minimum penalties for felons possessing guns.
Create a RICO-like provision to investigate and prosecute riot organizers.
Expose weak prosecutors and judges through greater access to public information.
Impose state aid reduction for those who attempt to ‘defund the police’
Allow judges to consider multiple factors when setting bail
Replace the aging Green Bay prison with a larger, modern facility


The system is broken. The criminals are abusing it. Woke prosecutors are timid. Liberal judges go unnoticed.

Remove District Attorneys, who through their actions or inaction, create a dangerous situation in their community, beginning with Milwaukee County’s John Chisholm on Day One.

Encourage more cops on the street to address rising crime. Goal of 50% more police in our most dangerous neighborhoods in one year.
Get tough on “defund the police” by imposing a 1.5x state aid penalty for communities pursuing those actions.

Enact a mandatory two-year minimum prison sentence for felons convicted of gun possession. Eliminate the ability of this charge to be dropped.
Support the Constitutional Amendment to allow judges to consider a variety of factors when setting bail, including the severity of the alleged crime.

Expose weak judges and prosecutors by establishing a public facing, user-friendly web based portal that collects and publishes, in an easily understandable format, data on bail and sentencing recommendations and compares them to the minimum and maximum allowable statutory bail and sentencing penalties for all District Attorneys and Judges.Add more criminal courts, Assistant District Attorneys, and Public Defenders in targeted areas to speed up criminal trials.

Have some additional courts be mobile to travel to “hot spots.”
Increase compensation for medical examiners to eliminate the shortage.
Eliminate backlogs on forensic lab testing and results. Under Attorney General Kaul, the number of tests requested is down by more than 30%, yet processing time for DNA testing is now at 115 days – more than double under Attorney General Schimel. Testing should not take more than 50 days.

Incentivize the WTCS system, UW and private universities to expand law enforcement training and graduate more students.


A Kenosha-type situation should never happen again. And any attempt to organize violent mob actions will be dealt with far more harshly.

Destroy the protection of the “anonymity of the mob” in riots by creating a special counsel with authorization to bring personal civil actions against all who have participated in mob or riot activity to collect all losses caused by the activity. Losses include any property damage and lost business income. Too often local DAs and Judges fear the crowd and refuse to prosecute violent actions and property damage.

For those organizing and leading such violence, proceed under organized crime provisions, and as necessary, create a RICO-like state provision to clear any barriers. Place all proceeds from such action in a fund for restoration of businesses damaged by any mob activity.

Create a special prosecution task force – made up of Wisconsin’s most aggressive prosecutors – to step in with a prosecutorial surge in instances of mob violence, empowered to act in conjunction with the County DA, or independently where necessary.

While the above would act as a powerful deterrent, in the event of threats of future mob and riotous behavior, by Executive Order, direct the Adjutant General to create a quick reaction task force within the National Guard specifically trained to overwhelm an out-of-control urban area and immediately restore order. Pursuant the Executive Order, the Governor will order forward deployments on credible evidence of any such pending activity, and work with local law enforcement leadership to restore order.

The Guard troops will remain on-site until local law enforcement believes the threat has been eliminated. The Governor shall remain in Wisconsin at any time the quick reaction force has been forward deployed.

“There are some things, like firing Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm, that I will do on Day One, but it is going to take a broad coalition to make this Blueprint a reality,” said Michels.

“I’m not beholden to any PAC or lobbyist or interest group. and I will usher in these bold changes as soon as possible because every Wisconsin neighborhood should be safe. No matter the color of your skin or the size of the house you live in, your neighborhood should be safe”

How on Gods green earth can anyone not know where Tim stands? This also goes beyond politics, it has got personal. Having lower taxes is personal. Having good schools is personal. Having enough police is personal.

I’m done.


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