Monday, July 22, 2024

Why I Support Tim Michels (ThrowBack )


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For years we have had no voice. You have the right wing like an exclusive club for white people. You have ignorant ass black people that spew unintelligent attacks on anyone that isn’t what I regularly call a house n___a.

Before I continue, I write from my perspective. Both parties as a whole shouldn’t be trusted. There are politicians that we like but that’s not the norm. I don’t fake and I don’t do fuckery. I say exactly what I think.

A lot of the blacks the media wants you to hear from are black gay men and black women. Why do you think the Candace Owens of the world on the right side of the political aisle appeals to a lot of you reading this? They do focus groups on what types of people appeal to who. She is extremely safe, no real edge. She will wear a White Lives Matter shirt because she knows it sparks white and black people. She wears the shirt and makes no real point. She had a documentary coming out.

It’s all political on some level is my point. The reason I support Tim Michels is because it isn’t all political with him. It’s obvious though, he really wants to serve. He doesn’t need this shit, I can appreciate that because I have been attacked because I’m in the media.

I appreciate him being a fighter, but also him having real restraint because the things being said about him were made up. He got targeted because he chose to be successful, made no apologies about it and kept pushing.

Tim isn’t black, with that said he is doing what a lot of my people do, push. This media will demonize people. Fuck politics, Tony Evers thinks it’s ok to have anal sex in elementary school kids curriculum. Tony Evers thinks it’s ok to have abortion up to 9months. Tony Evers thinks it’s ok to work 33 and ½ hours per week as a dam Governor.

Tim is clearly the best candidate.

Tim cares about people being shot in Milwaukee
because it’s fucked up. He hates that the people that suffer the most are minimized. These democrats don’t care about n____z in the hood blowing each other’s heads off. If they did they would never want to defund law enforcement.

Think about that, really think about it. What a bizarro world we are in. You have Mandela Barnes , a black dude from Killwaukee who knows people who have got killed, he is anti law enforcement, pro poor schools, and pro government dependency .

These positions are the opposite of EVERYTHING OUR ANCESTORS FOUGHT AGAINST

Tim is against this nonsense. He went to the hood to say look, my side never really gave you a second though, this is the first step to changing that.

Some people on the right side of the aisle are no better than Lefty the Loser. All will be supporting Tony Evers if they sit out .


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