Thursday, November 30, 2023

Why Biden Will Step Down


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The Debates were interesting. I don’t understand everything that was going on up on the stage but it’s really no longer entertaining.

I wish the Nominee wasn’t going to court every day for a civil case. I also wish we could move past the drama and infighting. We will not address criminal cases regarding The Biden Family or President Trump individually.

At NewsUndone we will not Partake in any of it. What we are going to do is give information, that is the way news is supposed to be.

Now the news

For all of the fans of President Trump he is doing well in multiple polls. President Biden and President Trump have major favorability issues. ABC reports as of November 8th 2023 President Biden is at 33 percent and President Trump is at 29 percent.

Former Obama Chief Strategist David Axelrod suggested that President Biden drop out of the race all together and that Gavin Newsom is running a shadow campaign for President.

I personally said Governor Newsom would run and he will and I believe President Trump will be the Republican nominee.

Will Biden step aside? Will Newsom step in?
Will Trump win?


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