Monday, January 30, 2023

Continued infighting guarantees four more years of Evers


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I have been reading a lot of political vitriol lately about “my candidate did not win the primary” so therefore the world is over. I have seen posts, tweets, articles and more about how there was ‘only one’ candidate who believed in Parents Rights and was grassroots and how grassroots is now basically without a leader.

By definition grassroots is ‘the most basic level of an activity or organization.’

As a reluctant leader at the grassroots level, I find it laughable that people are saying that there was only one candidate who believed in Parents Rights and was grassroots. Literally EVERY Republican candidate was loudly supporting Parents Rights and they were all with a portion of grassroots support.

Tim Michels is now our Republican candidate and now our champion for Parental rights. He has put out a comprehensive plan and takes questions from potential voters. A quick glance at his ‘I Trust Parents’ Education Blueprint offers a 7 point plan to fix the problem, which he handily, and correctly points out as Tony Evers:

“Tony Evers has been in the Wisconsin education driver’s seat for more than two decades — as DPI Deputy Superintendent, DPI Superintendent, and now Governor.  He owns the record of unacceptable academic achievement now facing the state. It is time to transfer power to parents from him and the public school establishment.”

Let’s not forget Roger Roth! Roger doesn’t just give a good soundbite and move on. He takes on special interests and unions, even while under fire with personal attacks on not only Roger, but on his family.

Roger is the author of legislation to establish the Parental Bill of Rights, ensure Curriculum Transparency, and provide Universal School Choice to every family. Roger was able to get these successfully passed in the legislature for the first time in Wisconsin history, only to be vetoed by the Governor. Roger has proven time and again that he is there for every parent, child and taxpayer.

Stop this infighting over who is ‘more grassroots,’ who is the one that is more for parents rights, who is the better candidate. This infighting does nothing but leave us with Tony Evers as Governor and Sarah Rodriguez as Lt. Governor. If that is what you want then continue to perpetuate this vitriol and pander to a small group of people that cannot get over a primary election loss.

If not, put your eye on the prize, look at the candidates that ‘We, the People’ selected in our primary and get out there, knock on some doors, go to an event, but most importantly VOTE! And when Michels and Roth are in office make sure to hold their feet to the fire and make them toe the parental rights line we have drawn and remind them who put them there.

My mission in this election as a taxpayer, a parent of 3 beautiful children, one old enough to vote now, is to remind our elected officials they are here to serve not only the community they live in, but our students and their right to an unencumbered childhood.

Another four years of Tony Evers means absolutely nothing changes. Is that what you really want?


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