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Why Are People Forgetting Tammy Baldwin’s Record of Death at Tomah VA


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Veterans died under suspicious circumstances than previously reported at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs hospital in Tomah, Wisconsin, under the leadership of its chief of staff, psychiatrist Dr. David Houlihan.

The deaths, revealed in a congressional field hearing in Wisconsin, bring to 33 the number of unexpected deaths The Center for Investigative Reporting has found occurred during Houlihan’s decade at the helm. The medical center became known as “Candy Land” for the ease with which narcotic painkillers were prescribed.

Kraig Ferrington, a 45-year-old Army veteran and union plasterer who died of an overdose of seven medications prescribed by Houlihan in 2007, and three veterans that a VA pharmacist told lawmakers died in the VA parking lot in 2008 and 2009.

Side Note : Noelle Johnson, a pharmacist who was fired in 2009 after she refused to fill prescriptions for high doses of morphine that she believed were unsafe.

Also testifying were family members of those who died, including Heather and Marvin Simcakoski, the widow and father of Jason Simcakoski, a 35-year-old former Marine who died of an overdose in the Tomah VA psychiatric ward in August.

“He would fall asleep while we was eating, drive up on the median, there were times he would sleep all day,” Heather Simcakoski tearfully told lawmakers. “When you have that many medications in your system, you don’t know what it feels like anymore.”

74-year-old Thomas Patrick Baer to the urgent care clinic at the center last month because he was having trouble breathing and walking and was confused and dizzy.

He waited more than two hours to be seen, and then he slumped over in his chair, unresponsive from an apparent stroke, but wasn’t given a CT scan or drugs to prevent another one, family members said. As he waited to be transported to a hospital in La Crosse, he had another stroke and later died.

“My father is dead … and I blame the VA,” his daughter, Candace Baer-Delis, said. “I am ashamed to live in a country where its veterans are ignored, neglected, and left to die.”

Tomah VA whistleblower says it would be ‘immoral’ to support Sen. Tammy Baldwin.

In an interview, Honl accused Baldwin of mishandling the response to the 2015 scandal at the Tomah VA, which had been dubbed “Candy Land” for its widespread distribution of opioids. 

Honl said he is letting his opinion be known now in response to two new TV spots in which the parents and widow of U.S. Marine veteran Jason Simcakoski, who died at the Tomah VA facility, come out in support of Baldwin.
 His death in August 2014 was due to 
“mixed use toxicity” while being treated by doctors at the Tomah VA. 

I don’t know what to say. what’s really sad is that there’s an opportunity for Tammi Baldwin to win again. We are so hyper politicized on both sides. This woman should have lost her job and possibly went to prison for the neglect of the hospital that is supposed to take care of our veterans.

At NewsUndone we want to be fair as possible. We have made our mistakes in the past, and we have learned from them. I am begging every moderate Democrat every Republican conservative independent to please vote for Eric Hovde because he is a good human being.


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