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Who is Adrianne Melby?  What side is she on?


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If you are reading News Undone then you know Ian C. Jordan.Those in the trenches of local politics in southeastern Wisconsin have been emotionally stirred by his recent posts. Let’s break down what’s going on and how to move forward.

The person on the receiving end of Ian’s ire is Adrianne Melby. Adrianne is a local activist who has not only been a guest onseveral podcasts but also the subject of or solicited for numerous interviews. Some of the stories that have featured or quoted her could be found in the Racine Journal Times, Kenosha News, WisPolitics and CNN. She has also started a politically based Substack article called The Elephant In The Room. Her name is also known by many non-political community members for her creation of a Buy Sell Trade group in the Burlington WI area with over 40,000 members. Adrianne has taken on many issues from mask mandates, leading the charge to try and exposecorruption in politics specifically Republicans, sexual assault, voter integrity, parent’s rights, constitutional freedoms just to name a few. She fights for these issues not only within the 63rdAssembly district but seems embolden to take them across the State.  This is quite a bit of activism in a little over 3 years.

However, there is much controversy that surrounds her. She seems to be at odds with everyone at one point or another which converts to angry Facebook posts that have also been described as “unhinged”. The more you stir the pot, the more enemies you accumulate. According to some, many unprovable accusations have been made not only about politicians but just average citizens trying to be more involved. Some of these accusations include someone mysteriously letting out her dogs when she’s not home so they are loose, a local woman purposely setting fire to her home to claim insurance money, another individual illegally obtaining/stealing campaign material, a local politician having a love child and affairs, people throwing nails in her driveway, and one of the most incendiary accusationspedophilia.  

She does seem to have a devout following. Adrianne has taken up causes that do resonate with her followers. She is a staunch Trump supporter and by default anyone whom he endorses. To her credit Adrianne has been known to post intriguing questions albeit most often in opposition to fellow conservatives.Coincidentally a conservative is something which she has so often claimed to be. These questions are usually in the form of a Facebook post often in public forums in an attempt to gather additional scrutiny. One example is newly elected Wisconsin State Treasurer John Leiber. Adrianne began by posing a question of his voting status. The claim was Leiber voted in Racine County but lived in Dane County. In full transparency Adrianne was a supporter of Leiber’s opposition Orlando Owens whom was defeated in the primary. Following her in-depth investigation into publicly available information, Adrianneposted to Facebook what she found to support her theory. Seemingly satisfied with her research, she followed up with a formal complaint which was featured on Milwaukee’s Fox 6 news. Most would agree this approach to exposing corruption is the way to go when you suspect unethical actions or at worst illegal activity. As of July 7, 2023 according to a recent post this investigation has been referred to the Racine County Sheriff’s Department for further review. In this case her research on Leiber seems to have enough merit to garner additional review.  However, what happens when the information you find does not support your initial narrative?  When the trail you discovered and brought the public with you leads to nowhere? What’s next?  

Sometimes the good you do can be over shadowed by the harm you caused. In the world of the new citizen journalist, are we obligated to consider collateral damage? Did Adrianne Melby gotoo far in her many quests to expose corruption? For example,was it too far recreating a private text message she claimed to have seen between Vos and a friend? When the trail runs cold should we inform our followers picking up the bread crumbsdropped that there is no provable answer to the questions thatwere presented  Are we obligated to say publicly when we are wrong?  

It’s easy to surmise her frequent posts/attacks/accusations of Vosan obsession. What started all this?  It’s been said it began with Robin Vos and mask mandates. An alternative theory has been offered that it was due to Robin Vos being adamantly against Adrianne Melby’s husband Aaron Melby not ascending to a local school board position. Whatever you call it, everything circles back to Robin Vos. A simple Facebook search yields a library full of posts and comments aimed at the current speaker of the Assembly. Adrianne is quoted as saying “I’m focused on burying Vos for sure!!!!” Another communication dated August 28, 2022 “Wisconsin State Representative Robin Vos hates our children!”.  On October 25, 2022 she loosely ties Robin Vos to sexual violence and domestic abuse. It’s no wonder people are believing he is the boogieman. One could argue considering the totality of posts and accusations this is harassment. Be that as it may we all can agree it needs to stop.

There is no denying that if Adrianne Melby feels strongly about an issue, she chases down clues like Scooby Doo. If this vigor could be applied to digging up dirt on say Tony Evers instead of Robin Vos, she could be a key force in defeating the Democrats in this area. We need to take a play out of the Democrat play book. When it was decided that Mandella Barnes was going to be their candidate to run against Ron Johnson, notice how within a matter of days everyone else dropped out clearing the field for Barnes. When it comes to unity, the Democrats crush it. But us conservatives were too busy fighting amongst ourselves about who should be our nominee for Governor and it was a blood bath. It’s this infighting, name calling and back biting that needs to stop. We have stooped to an all time low when the kids of both Rebecca Kleefisch and Jennifer Dorow became political fodder.  

The only way to move forward is to take some of the emotion out of the equation. It’s not about how you feel about a candidate. It’s about how they can make your life better. Do what they stand for line up more with your ideals? What policies do they propose that keeps more money in your pocket or your kids safe? It’s not about what they look like, whether or not Trump supports them or even who you think their friends are. And it’s definitely not whether they hurt your feelings. People don’t run for office to make friends. They run for office to make a difference. Do you have a desire to move forward and win elections? It’s time to check your feelings at the door. If you think you can do better, consider running for an elected position. It’s not as easy as it looks.

Bottom line you have to make a choice. Choosing to work together isn’t just “go along to get along”. You are not a traitor to your country, ideals or God either. You have to decide, whose side are you on? Are you for having your kids transitioned by their teachers? Are you for mask mandates, censorship and forced lockdowns? Or are you for freedom, liberty and the Constitution? Don’t invoke “We the People” unless you include those that disagree with you especially if they are on the same side you claim to be on.  


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