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Wauwatosa ‘Teachers’ Call Those Against Radical Sex-ed, ‘Bigoted’, ‘Queerphobic’ and ‘Transphobic’ in Public Letter


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It’s October 1st and it is autumn in Wisconsin. The weather is getting cooler and leaves are starting to change color. In Wauwatosa Schools, the radical left-wing indoctrination of Tosa students seems to become more out in the open with each changing season. I have written about the changes over the years and how the Wauwatosa School System has become a cesspool of radical extremism and indoctrination and grooming.

With the change in season, Tosa Schools are now busy beginning the implementation process of the ultra-Left-wing sexual grooming and indoctrination curriculum disguised as a softer named ‘Human Growth and Development Curriculum (HGDC).’

HGDC was deceptively forced on the families of Wauwatosa by the Ultra Radical, left-wing School Board. The board ringleader and President, ‘Dr.’ Eric Jesup-Anger, PhD., led his merry band of ultra-leftist radicals to approve the grooming of Tosa kids after MANIPULATING DATA of a ‘survey’ to make the results suit their agenda.

As of the writing of this article, we still cannot get an answer of exactly how many names were removed from the results to get the Board’s desired results. I wonder why. The simple answer is, PURE ARROGANCE.

After all, they basically ignored the attempt by the lone ‘NO’ on the board, Michael Meier, when he attempted to get the radicals on the board to rescind the curriculum based on the data manipulation. It was moved at a meeting but received no 2nd, thus preventing any discussion.

Like I said, arrogance, they doubled-down.

But, let’s be real, the board is not alone in their arrogance by pushing this extremist curriculum. There was a rumor of a letter sent to the board by several teachers who were in support of the program and called anyone who opposed the program a ‘BIGOT.’

Thanks to the hard work of a Wauwatosa taxpayer, they filed an information request for the letter and now I have a copy for all to see.

In the letter dated August, 22, 2022 and addressed to the ‘Wauwatosa School Board and Wauwatosa Community’, they wanted to affirm ‘unwavering support of all LGBTQIA+ students, staff, parents and caregivers, and community members in light of queerphobic and transphobic statements and disinformation that have been shared publicly and online.’

That’s right, any statement that questions the ethics, methods, or their ‘wisdom’ is immediately ‘queerphobic and transphobic.’ Further on they stated, ‘Bigoted commentary, expressed both online and at school board meetings, has created an environment where students, families, and staff feel unsafe in our school communities.’

It was 53 Teachers who signed on in support of demonizing parents and Wauwatosa taxpayers who dared to want a say in their kids education, or who dared to be against calling young kindergarten girls ‘people with a vulva.’ This is to say nothing about the fact Tosa will now be teaching about anal sex, vibrators, masturbation, sex changes, etc, AT GRADE SCHOOL LEVEL.

Just think about this for a moment. The administrators say you can opt out, bit it’s not that simple.

If these teachers are reacting in such a vile way to parents merely voicing their opinion, how will they treat other teachers who did not sign the letter or refuse to teach this garbage? What’s worse, how are they going to treat your kids if you dare to ‘opt out’ of the program? What will they say in class about those kids who are not there? How will the kids still in the program treat those kids who opted out?

These teachers are dangerous and should be fired and lose their credentials. After all, what’s worse, supporting this garbage in Wauwatosa schools or voicing against it? At the very least, if any of these extremists are teaching your child, maybe it’s time to change teachers. Better yet, consider leaving Tosa Schools.

Clearly, they must have recently gotten fresh copies of Saul Alinsky’s, ‘Rules for Radicals’, because this type of demonizing dissenters would make Alinsky proud.

You can download the letter HERE, or here is the letter below, share it WITH EVERYONE and make the signers famous! This letter is public domain, they signed it AND MUST OWN IT:

Monday, August 22, 2022
Wauwatosa School Board and Wauwatosa Community,

We, the undersigned, are committed employees of the Wauwatosa School District. We write the following letter to voice our support for the proposed Human Growth and Development Curriculum. Critically, we write to affirm our unwavering support of all LGBTQIA+ students, staff, parents and caregivers, and community members in light of queerphobic and transphobic statements and disinformation that have been shared publicly and online. 

The HGD curriculum addresses multiple necessary updates to ensure that our students are prepared, informed, and empowered to make healthy decisions and to seek the resources they need for their health and wellbeing. We believe that all students have the right to access information and receive an education about their health and sexuality in a safe environment. By addressing human growth and development through a student-focused, intersectional, and trauma-informed lens, students will have the knowledge to make healthy and safe decisions about their bodies and relationships. 

Bigoted commentary, expressed both online and at school board meetings, has created an environment where students, families, and staff feel unsafe in our school communities. If anything, these widespread misconceptions and unrestrained hate speech highlight just how essential this HGD curriculum is. We must do our part to build environments of compassion and understanding, and to make sure our students are equipped with empathy and accurate information. We must do our part to prevent adverse health outcomes for all students, including queer, trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming youth. In fact, our District Equity Plan and Mission Statement provide us the mandate to do just that: be a place where all are valued and welcomed and to eradicate inequities

As educators we ask that the district ensures adequate support and training for teachers in delivering this curriculum. This should include: 

  • professional development on gender identity, gender expression, and sexuality 
  • employing a trauma-informed lens 
  • the ability to co-teach lessons to promote fidelity and safety 
  • additional support and resources to ensure UDL and accessibility for all learners 
  • sufficient time for educators to review the new curriculum 

It is our responsibility to affirm, value, and empower our students. We ask that the board refuse to let discrimination, queerphobia, transphobia, and disinformation overpower the voices of our students who have stood in front of you and asked for your support through adoption of this curriculum. Do not allow students and families who deserve to have their existence acknowledged, respected, and reflected in the curriculum to be censored or erased. Do not deny our students their right to a comprehensive, responsive, and inclusive education about their physical and mental health, their bodies, and their relationships. We implore you to approve the curriculum and take a firm stand against hate. 


Jasmina Ruano, Underwood STEM Teacher
Bridget Finnegan Forbes, Teacher of English for Multilingual Learners
Alexis Johnston, Teacher of English for Multilingual Learners
Hannah Fuhrman, Eisenhower Teacher
Carolyn Kaems, Underwood Third Grade Teacher
Anna Klusmeyer, Eisenhower Teacher
Melissa Myers, Elementary Academic Specialist
Courtney Ramczyk, Speech Language Pathologist
Nicole Dower, Eisenhower First Grade Teacher
Jon Etter, East High English Teacher and Gender and Sexuality Alliance Advisor
Bridget Rindfleisch, Underwood STEM teacher
Chris Benes, West High Social Studies Teacher and Gender and Sexuality Alliance Advisor 

Anna Troy, East High Spanish Teacher
Mack Jurney, Underwood Elementary SPED Team
Katie Petitt, Senior Kindergarten, McKinley Elementary
Phillip Olsen, East High School Science Teacher
Courtney Blair, Eisenhower Teacher
Tracey Beilfuss, Senior Kindergarten, Roosevelt Elementary
Kendra Kovar, Whitman Science Teacher and Gender and Sexuality Alliance Advisor

Colleen Jaskulski, East High School Theatre Teacher
Mary Merg, East High School Counselor
Lauren Roznowski Hayden, Longfellow Orchestra Teacher
Mike Hayden, East High School Orchestra Teacher
Alli Weiss, Eisenhower Teacher
Nesli Brown, Underwood School Psychologist
Ashton Kusch, Underwood Elementary Teacher
Joel Marinan, Underwood Elementary Teacher
Heidi Hegwood, West High Social Studies Teacher
Chelsea Drenning, East High School English Teacher
Katy Pond, Underwood STEM Teacher
Kelly Caufield, Underwood Art Teacher
Kari Stankowski, Elementary Social Emotional Specialist
Sarah Wieck, Underwood STEM Teacher
Jon Balcerak, East High School English Teacher
Kristen Rymer, Jefferson Elementary Teacher
Chad Ohlendorf, Eisenhower teacher
Katelyn Lasse, District Nurse
Lynda Peterson, Underwood Librarian
Courtney League, ELA Instructional Coach
Abbey Jones, Eisenhower Special Education Aide
Stacy Van Caster, Special Education Coordinator
Toni D’Acquisto, Underwood STEM teacher 

Jenny Leigh, Elementary Art Teacher McKinley and Lincoln Elementary 

Jessica Schmidt, Teacher of English for Multilingual Learners
Jean Biebel, East High School English Teacher
Tracy Smith, McKinley/Jefferson Elementary Libraries 

Tia Mohacsi, Longfellow STEM Teacher and Sixth Grade Dean 

Kari Wall, Roosevelt Elementary Teacher
Zoey Michlig, McKinley Elementary Teacher
Amy Jarmuz-Kluth, Underwood STEM Teacher 

Sarah Murray, East High Spanish Teacher
Jessica Buss, School Psychologist
Lynn Meehan, Speech Language Pathologist, McKinley

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