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VIDEO: More Tosa School Brawls, Now Involving Adults: is the School Board’s SILENT ‘No Suspension/No Expulsion policy’ to Blame?


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Yes, you read that right. Apparently, the Wauwatosa School Board has a SILENT and implied No Suspension/No Expulsion policy that has been in force for at least a couple of years now. Several ‘well-placed’ sources throughout the Wauwatosa School System have verified this.

So, it’s no surprise the School Board, School Superintendent, and School Leadership have completely lost control o students. But, what did they expect? 

The almost daily brawls throughout the system are living proof that having no consequences for actions only leads to chaos. This has led to one indisputable fact, WAUWATOSA SCHOOLS ARE NOT SAFE FOR STUDENTS. And now, even adults are getting involved.

Just take a look at yet another video from Wauwatosa East High School from a couple of days ago:

Wauwatosa East Principal Nick Hughes sent out an email to parents to inform them about the ‘incident’ and tell them that the students involved will face ‘progressive school discipline in accordance with the disciplinary Framework.’

Huh? Isn’t ‘progressive school discipline’ what got us into this mess in the first place? I’m certain it will not involve Suspension or Expulsion.

It’s not the fault of Nick Hughes, unfortunately, he has to work within the rules, or lack thereof, handed down from the board and School Superintendent, Demond Means. Here’s the text of the email:

I’m certain, the only response from the inept School Board President, ‘Dr’ Eric Jessup-Anger, PhD. and his merry band of five Social Justice Warriors on the Board have to offer is to hire more social workers. I wrote about this many weeks ago.

This also begs the STILL UNANSWERED questions of how many Open-enrollment Students have been involved in these constant Brawls and how many have actually been disciplined beyond a mere taking to by a ‘highly-trained’ Social Worker?

THIS NO-SUSPENSION/NO-EXPULSION implied policy is a COMPLETE DISASTER. The problem is that the majority of the Board Members and the Administration seem to have bought into this WOKE nonsense.

At least there is a guarantee there will be no brawls today, well, since Tosa Schools are closed due to a snowstorm.

The fact is the only way to fix Wauwatosa Schools is a MAJOR change in trajectory. Well, there is a chance to flip the School board. That would be a start.

With the upcoming School Board election in April, Parents and Taxpayers are in a unique position to completely change the trajectory of the School Board. There is literally only one Board member, Mike Meier, who possesses common sense. He is a Liberal who I respect the heck out of, because he stands up for common sense. Everyone else is a WOKE ideologue.

Fortunately, three of the Extremist Social Justice Warriors are not seeking reelection. There is one who is, Jessica Willis.

Jessica Willis has rubber-stamped EVERYTHING that ‘Dr’ Eric Jessup-Anger, PhD. has dictated. She has proven that she can’t think for herself and will do whatever her ‘Hive Queen’ directs her to do, including support of no discipline, WOKE curriculum, and highly sexualized sex-ed. . VOTE AGAINST JESSICA WILLIS.

While I am at it, there are two more EXTREMIST Social Justice Warriors also running.

First, there is the COP-HATING ‘Dr’ Lynne Woehrle, a Liberal UWM colleague of ‘Dr’ Eric Jessup-Anger, PhD. Her LinkedIn profile states: ‘To make positive social change in my community and beyond. To work for racial justice, environmental sustainability, and to encourage people to solve problems nonviolently.’ Except, she is completely silent about the Tosa School violence. VOTE AGAINST LYNNE WOEHRLE.

And finally, we cannot forget Liz Heimerl-Rolland the wife of the infamous Social Justice Warrior Shawn Rolland. While the hyphenated name should say it all, let’s not forget that it was Shawn who started moving Tosa Schools along this dark path. Including, no discipline, WOKE curriculum, and highly sexualized sex-ed. Also, is Liz as much of a Cop-Hater as her Husband is? Liz will be more of the same. VOTE AGAINST LIZ HEIMERL-ROLLAND.

Extremist Shawn Rolland at an anti-cop protest. Photo credit Anonymous

The Wauwatosa School System is at a crossroads. It is only a matter of time before even more violence or even something worse happens. School safety MUST be of paramount importance. The only way to correct this mess is to CHANGE Course. Wauwatosa voters, it’s LITERALLY in your hands.


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