Thursday, November 30, 2023

VIDEO: More Chaos at Tosa West, Principal Corey Golla Getting Punched in Recent ‘Incident’


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As I wrote the other day, there was an incident at Wauwatosa West High School where an adult entered and attempted to ‘physically confront’ a student. Well, the plot thickens.

A parent has sent me recently released footage showing Wauwatosa West Principal Corey Golla getting punched.

Now we know why he’s Suddenly Disgusted and Appalled. Too bad it took him getting punched in order for him to wake up enough to ‘use his words.’

This was ASSULT, pure and simple, but only ‘citations’ were issued? I certainly do not condone him getting punched, but he has to realize that consistent inaction is leading to this escalation, and the violence shows no signs of stopping.

Maybe more ‘tough talk’ will help?

This is more proof that the ‘No Suspension/No Expulsion’ rules from the WOKE school board over the past few years have led to this mess. How soon before something worse happens?

Incidentally, School Board President ‘Dr’ Eric Jessup-Anger, Ph.D. is still useless, as his silence is deafening. Maybe he’ll get Golla a Social Worker to help, or even help Golla with his pronouns. I certainly hope Wauwatosa gets motivated to prevent more WOKE Social Justice Warriors to be elected to the board. Wauwatosa Schools are falling apart. Choose wisely Wauwatosa.

Here is the video:

Paris Procopis
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