Tuesday, November 28, 2023

VIDEO: Dorow Says she will support Kelly if he wins, Dan Kelly refuses to declare support for Dorow


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Ego’s, attacks, and entitlement, oh my! What doesn’t Dan Kelly get about the importance of the Supreme Court race?

Here we go again, we have a primary, and one campaign’s sense of bruised egos and entitlement is tainting the primary process yet again. Ever since Jennifer Dorow dared to enter the race for Wisconsin Supreme Court, Dan Kelly and his surrogates have gone totally negative and there’s no end in sight.

Now weeks later, that is old news,

Conservative Supreme Court Candidates Daniel Kelly and Judge Jennifer Dorow participated in a forum hosted by the Republican Women of Greater Milwaukee. Newstalk 1130’s Dan O’Donnell was the moderator of the forum.

O’Donnell asked the candidates whether they will support the candidate who makes it out of the primary. Both Kelly and Dorow answered the questions….but answered quite differently.

Kelly refused to commit to supporting Dorow. In a long-winded, spinning, excuse, Kelly affirmed that he only supports principles, not people, and sounded skeptical on Jennifer Dorow’s judicial conservatism. Kelly doesn’t say she’s not a judicial conservative and effectively insinuated she would be another Hagedorn.

Seriously? She has a judicial track record of thousands of cases. Though, Kelly fans have tried, they have failed to find anything that suggests she’s not a judicial Conservative.

Dorow answered unequivocally, declaring she would support ‘Dan’ and would help his campaign if he makes it out the primary and she does not. The answer you would expect from an adult. Jennifer Dorow knows the stakes.

While Jennifer was talking, she mentioned the negative attacks against her by Kelly supporters and people were saying, ‘not true.’ Are they living in an alternate reality? I have been very vocal about the attacks by Kelly Surrogate, Judge Shelly Grogan. It’s not only very true, I PROVED IT!

It’s clear Dan Kelly is taking it personal that Dorow would dare run for the seat where he was expecting to be the only conservative. Well, you are not the only Conservative Dan, suck it up buttercup. Make your case as to why you are the best choice and stop trying to demean your opponent.

And let’s be clear, it’s beyond hypocritical for Kelly to say, ‘he doesn’t know if she’s a judicial conservative,’ when he himself asked for her endorsement prior to Judge Dorow entering the race.  

Kelly’s refusal to support Dorow is blatantly wrong. He is playing childish games with an important race, a race more important than the recent Governor’s race given the stakes of Act 10, Right to Work, School Choice, Castle Doctrine and our pro-life law being overturned by a rabid judicial activist.

I have no issue with a primary, it helps candidates become better. But, as we saw in the governor’s race, having an entitled candidate go negative only hurts the ultimate victor.

How are we supposed to coalesce in general after all of this spite? Yes, Dorow may win or Kelly may win, but this may have already cost us in the general. Dan Kelly will have to look in the mirror because it will be his fault, either by going negative or failing to stop his surrogates.

Dan Kelly is jeopardizing everything and playing a game of chance with this election. Why? Bruised ego? Entitlement? Who knows? His behavior is uncalled for and it’s necessary for him to be called out on it, yet again.

Conservatives must win this seat or all our conservative policy gains over the past decade-plus are at risk. If Dan Kelly doesn’t think Jennifer Dorow would be better than Janet Protasiewicz then he has no idea what’s really at stake in April.

After the event, a prominent NRA activist, who was supporting Kelly, emailed his list that he was revoking his support of Kelly and endorsing Judge Jennifer Dorow. Here is the email in its entirety.  


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