Tuesday, February 27, 2024

VIDEO: Congressman Derrick Van Orden Endorses Judge Jennifer Dorow for WI Supreme Court


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Conservative Republican Congressman, Derrick Van Orden (R-WI) took to Twitter yesterday and endorsed Judge Jennifer Dorow for Wisconsin Supreme Court.

In his video, the Congressman was flying back from the Southern Border. He talked about the lawlessness down there and the fact that we cannot allow it here in Wisconsin.

This is yet another high-profile endorsement that Dorow has received over the past few weeks, others include Outgoing Supreme Court Justice, Patience Roggensack, Wisconsin Right to Life, and Newstalk 1130 Talk Show Host Mark Belling. She has also earned the endorsement of over 100 Police Chiefs, Sheriffs, and DA’s.

Dorow is one of the two Conservatives in the Primary election this Tuesday. The other Conservative is former Supreme Court Justice, Daniel Kelly.

The Primary election is this Tuesday, February 21.

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