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VIDEO: A 3rd Wauwatosa School Brawl THIS WEEK. The response? Social Workers.


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After a week of two major brawls involving Wauwatosa School students, parents and students finally heard from Tosa School Superintendent Demond A. Means and ‘Dr.’ Eric Jessop-Anger, School Board President where they ‘firmly’ stated the behavior ‘would not be tolerated.’ Of course, students promptly ignored them.

Here we go again.

Friday night at a Wauwatosa West football game, another fight broke out. This is the third one this week. It is very ironic that in the video, one of the game referees tries to break up one of the multiple fights. Wauwatosa schools are literally beginning to look like MMA fights without the cages.

I did an article on Wednesday showing a video of a brawl at Tosa West, then on Thursday, I showed a video from the Monday brawl that was sent to me.

‘Dr.’ Eric Jessop-anger, the ring-leader of the merry band of ‘woke’ Left-wing social justice warriors on the school board. Other than signing onto the Demond Means Letter, he’s done NOTHING. No surprise, he’s too busy indoctrinating 1st Graders about LGBTQ issues. You know, ‘priorities.’

The Means and Anger letter sent to parents was filled with ‘firm’ language followed by Left-wing talking points.

‘The recent behavioral challenges exhibited by a small group of middle and high school students is extremely disappointing and will not be tolerated. We are responding to this disruptive and violent behavior in alignment with our Disciplinary Framework while also providing additional resources in our secondary schools to ensure every child is able to learn every day without heightened concern for their safety.’

Basically, this behavior will not be tolerated. They then proceeded to spew out more Left-wing talking points:

  • Explore the creation of a Dean of Students position at each middle and high school to allow administrators to attend to the instructional needs of our secondary schools more effectively.
  • Hire additional social workers and school psychologists to proactively address student violence, increase student engagement, build greater student and family belonging in our schools, and facilitate more effective conflict resolution.
  • Provide professional development for school leaders to better anticipate and implement more strategic safety protocols.
  • Increase the number of student supervisors in every secondary school across the District.

Really? Psychologists and social workers? Add to that the insurmountable cost to the already cash-strapped Wauwatosa School system. The students need discipline and protection from violent behavior. Instead, they get ‘tough language’, and the consequences are to get a ‘talking to’ from a social worker. Really?

Well, it looks like things will not change anytime soon based on the timid and socialist response from Means and the minimal response from the ‘woke’ board. My biggest concern is, because of the lack of leadership in Tosa Schools, this will likely escalate. I hope I’m wrong.

If you have kids in Tosa schools, start looking for alternatives and make the move. There are plenty of resources out there. Sure, transitioning to a different school is difficult, but well worth it, considering the cesspool you would be leaving.

It’s not just unanswered violence, but also the agenda and the indoctrination. The board has its priorities all messed up. There are four seats up in April, VOTE THEM OUT!!! Then start the recall process for ‘Dr.’ Jessop-Anger, their ringleader.

Here’s the latest video and the letter from means:

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