Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Two Masters


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On Youtube we hear Chinese immigrant Xi Van tell a Virginia school board she fled Mao’sCultural Revolution only to see the same Marxism here with Democrats dividing us, with the onlychange replacing race for class. 

Derrick Wilburn is the direct descendent of slaves on both sides of his family.Colorado Springs District 49 was ready to vote for CRT until Derrick told them he wasn’toppressed or a victim and that the American education system is indoctrinating hate and division. 

Derrick also said (Youtube) that he tells his children they are victims of 3 things – theirown laziness, their own ignorance, and their own poor decision making. He ended by telling the leftists present they are the ones keeping racism alive with CRT and to let racism die the death it deserves.

Jesus railed against hypocrites the most, pointing out hypocrisy every chance he got. 

There is no equal justice today. There is for Democrats but not for the rest of us. Hillary Clinton is a great example. 

There is ample evidence to charge her with about a dozen or more felonies. I would accept a jury finding her not guilty but the factshe hasn’t been charged is against everything in our code of justice. Charge James Comey also.He violated his authority and I read he’s is supposedly a Republican.

There are massive Democrat lies and hypocrisy on many issues: voting rights, the 1st Amendment,the 2nd Amendment, immigration, law and order and police, and the Roe v. Wade decision. On recorded videos, Biden stated years ago he was against abortion and Ruth Bader Ginsberg called Roe v. Wade anti-democratic, saying it went too far. 

“If you aren’t prepared to use force to defend civilization, be prepared to accept barbarism.” – Thomas Sowell

Every week in Chicago more people, virtually all black, are killed than in recent mass shootings.

The lack of outrage indicates their lives don’t matter to Democrat leaders who have personal bodyguards. The massive increase in violent crime in Democrat run cities is a monumental inconvenient truth to Democrats.They attack our police and turn their backs on law and order and we the people are the victims. The massive burning, looting, and murdering summer of 2020 was condoned by Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi, with Harrissaying the riots should continue. She even got a fund going to bail out Minneapolis rioters. But Kyle Rittenhouse is a murderer? 

You cannot serve 2 masters. The Democrat Party is controlled by wokeists who don’t believe in equal justice for all. You cannot continue to say you believe in the Constitution and then vote for people that undermine theConstitution, the Bill of Rights, and the very principle of equal justice for all.

Gregory Ericksonformer US Army infantrymanMy oath never expired!


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