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Trump’s Out of Context Remarks are Not Necessarily False


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June 8, 2016

By now, I am sure everyone has heard about Donald Trump and his remarks about the heritage of the judge presiding over the class-action law suit against Trump University.

I am not here to debate the merits of the lawsuit, but I am seeing things that make me wonder if it will be fair and impartial.

While his remarks about US District Court Judge Gonzalo Curiel were certainly inflammatory, I believe there is more that meets the eye here. People seem to forget that Donald Trump is not a career politician and is not prone to always say the right things at the right time.

Perhaps he should have worded it differently and focused on the political side of the issue, but what he said was not necessarily incorrect.

Basically he said that since Curiel is of Mexican descent, he is being treated unfairly. After listening to Trump’s remarks I knew exactly what he was getting at, even though Judge Curiel is American, he is of Mexican Descent and is also a member of La Raza Lawyers of San Diego.

La Raza directly means ‘the race’ and is a group of some people that are aggressively proud of their Mexican heritage that feel the land the United States acquired years a go should be returned to Mexico.

So, adding two and two together, one definitely gets four. Donald Trump is best known for his rhetoric about ‘the wall’ and that he wants to stop illegal immigration. With Curiel’s nationalistic affiliation with la Raza, it is only logical that he would not treat Trump fairly.

So, Trump’s remarks, while being inflammatory and should have been worded differently, were well within context in this case. On top of that, these remarks are nowhere near the worst things Trump has said over the course of the primaries.

Of course the liberal media, Democrats and many Republican leaders are having a field day with this by totally taking Trump’s remarks out of context. We all know the reason the Left is doing it, because that’s what they do.

On the other hand, Republicans like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are using this as an opportunity to degrade Trump even further, but to what end? Clearly, Ryan is insincere about his support for Trump and the convention has not happened yet.

I don’t think it is too farfetched to imagine a scenario where the establishment would keep Trump from the nomination in July. Ryan called Trump’s remarks ‘the textbook definition of racism,’ but stopped short of calling Trump a racist. McConnell lectured Trump on what not to say.

In the end, we all know what is really meant and clearly they are playing a political chess match. This will be interesting because we all saw what happened to the rest of Trump’s political opponents. Stay tuned, the convention is only a few weeks away.

As we have seen throughout this election cycle, Trump has incredible staying power. As more people learn about the Judge’s la Raza affiliation, he will soar in the polls.

If Curiel were an ethical judge, he would have recused himself from the suit. Donald Trump has every right to complain about being treated unfairly when the decision in the law suit will be made by a judge with an obvious axe to grind with Trump.

Paris Procopis
If Paris is in a room filled with people, you will usually see him front and center talking and laughing with everyone. His effervescent, outgoing personality brings a refreshing change to the sometimes hostile political world. He takes advantage of his private sector relationship management and comedy improv experience to easily engage any size audience, from individuals to thousands. He has always had a passion for all things political and the world around us, and brings a unique and sometimes humorous, perspective. He has been involved in everything from working on individual campaigns to organizing large political rally's. While Paris is a solid Conservative, he takes the time to understand opposing viewpoints. He lives by the mantra, ‘Do not try to change the minds of others as someone else will easily change it back. Just simply state the facts and they may change their own mind, if that happens, you may have an ally for life.’

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