Monday, July 22, 2024

Time for Conservatives Stand UNITED


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No matter where you stand, or who you voted for, it matters not. What counts now is that we stand shoulder-to-shoulder, as proud Wisconsin conservatives. United- and ready to fight like hell, like we’ve proven we can – to take back this state we call home.

I remember Act 10 and the Walker recall attempt vividly. We were an army. All of us were together for the same caused we won. We need to pull that same magic variable out, called Wisconsin grassroots conservatives. I know it’s there. I know it’s real. No more petty crap. No more bickering or backstabbing that I’ve seen going on recently. None of that matters at this point. Now, the fight that matters begins, the REAL battle.

Speaking in terms of the political arena, it is us against them now. It is win or lose.

Honestly, I asked the Michels supporters who are near-and-dear to me to talk me out of voting for Rebecca and talk me into Voting Michels. They did not succeed pre-primary. I was not a Michaels supporter, I was a Rebecca supporter, and although I hate to see my candidate lose, as of this moment, Michels is now my gubernatorial candidate of choice. We all need to stand behind the same candidate or we WILL lose. I will repeat this: We. All. Need. To. Stand. Behind. The. Same. Candidate. Now. Or. We. Will. Lose….

One more time for those in the back… We all need to stand behind the same candidate or we will lose.


We can’t stand another four years of THIS Wisconsin. So, happy or sad about this, you’re going to have to jump on this train. We must all stand as one on the same page now!

Conservative. Republican. Libertarian. Constitutionalist. We all need to be one Wisconsin standing behind one gubernatorial candidate and we all need to get our asses to the poles on Election Day.

No sniveling.

No ‘I did not vote because I didn’t like the candidate.’

No, ‘so and so supports him so I don’t want to.’

No, ‘he isn’t a resident’ crap.

No, ‘he doesn’t know politics.’

None of that! Let’s pull together. Again, I know we can. I was privileged in 2012 to be a witness and motivator, at the core of the political ground game on a grassroots level with many of you. I saw what you did. I was awestruck by the dedication and sheer will of Wisconsin conservatives. I was moved and changed as a person to see the way you all put differences aside and called the one next to you, family- regardless of how you felt about them on a normal day. That day- they were your fellow warriors. We pulled off some pretty crazy wins. I was there. You were there. Everyone came out. We must get back to this.

Are you thrilled about the Roe reversal? Lord knows I am. It is my passionate issue. One I never dreamed we’d see I’m my lifetime. But, to my amazement- here we are, but being a state’s issue or 10th amendment right, unless we have a conservative in the governor’s office, the reversal doesn’t mean anything to us. With Evers in office it won’t do us – or the poor, innocent pre-born, a bit of good. Do you even realize what had to all happen to make the reversal possible- much less a reality?

But now the final Ingredient is a Republican Governor. Can you aid in doing that? Please spare me the whole ‘he won’t enforce the law on the books’ deal. I’m sure, if we elect him, he will protect what’s important to us. He damn well better. If you ever want to see a passionate fighter- look to the pro life warriors. Want to talk lighting fires under boots? Have you met us?

Listen, a few friends and I hosted a Support Walker rally in 2012, that took place a day after a Midwestern blizzard came through- we had to come in with special plows to remove the foot and a half of snow that covered the lawn at Hart Park just so we could exercise our rights and gather together to rally- do you recall how many people were there that cold, winter’s day- just to help motivate and show support? I remember. Like it were yesterday.

4,000… plus.

That’s right, 4,000 of US came together to stand in the cold to rally in support of conservatism in Wisconsin. We won y’all. It was almost as if you could see electrical current above the crowd. The energy that day is something I’ll never forget. There was a time, at some point during that day that Paris Procopis and I were standing in the wings of the stage looking out at that crowd- taking it all in. It was a lot to take in. We were both awestruck by what the Wisconsin conservatives were proving themselves to be. This was a force to recon with. A metaphorical tornado in a trailer park. And we demolished.

Let your mind’s eye go back to the Recall of 2012. You were there, most likely, if you’re reading this anyway. We need you all to dig down deep, set differences aside, put the mud down and stop throwing it at members of the same army. We need every single one of you to bring your unique strengths to the table now. And all of you DO have unique strengths that are an asset to us as a whole. Remember, I was there. I’ve seen all of your strength. YOU aided in helping change Wisconsin at it’s core for the better.

So time to wipe away the tears that your primary candidate was defeated. That’s what I’m doing. Put your Rebecca T’s away with a bittersweet fairwell. I assure you she’ll be back, somehow, someday, someway and we may have another shot to vote for her for something else. She’s a Wisconsin conservative woman- she will never quit. Now we must all be Tim Michels supporters. I know I am. Because, think about this for a moment- we all want essentially the same thing- to take Wisconsin back from Tony Evers.

Head down to the Michels HQ, shake some hands, grab a T and a sign, and display them like badges of honor. One thing is for sure, to be a part of that army that I was a part of in 2012, that was made up of all of YOU- IS a badge of honor. For me personally, it’s one I will never take lightly, or disrespect and one I certainly won’t ever forget.

We need THAT Wisconsin back. We need YOU, ALL of you, in full force, regardless of how things went for you in the primary. We are too smart, too determined, too strong to do something so stupid like splitting our vote. Get it together, put those big girl and big boy pants on and fight. Muster up that magic that only is revealed once we unite, I know it’s there. I remember. Let’s do this y’all.


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