Monday, February 6, 2023

Tim Michels will beat Tony Evers and Reform Madison


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I am a retired small businessman and Army infantry veteran who supported Kevin Nicholson for WI governor.  Kevin is a superb leader and man and I pray his public service continues.

When Kevin dropped out I decided to back Tim Michels for governor.  Tim is a proven leader.  

His drive and commitment to achieve are second to none as proven by becoming an Army Ranger, the ultimate infantryman, and Commander of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and by growing the Michels Corporation to over 8,000 employees.  Tim achieves and inspires others to greatness.  

I also believe Tim has the backbone to stand up not only to Democrats but Republicans and special interests when their interest is not in the best interest of we the people of Wisconsin.Tim is running a positive campaign.  He has the charisma and character and plan to right the ship of state that the Democrats under Evers are sinking with division and hate and incompetence.

Remember that Evers let Kenosha burn, threw our police under the bus, and didn’t fire Milwaukee DA John Chisholm, the man responsible for the low bail policy that let Darrell Brooks out to murder during the Waukesha Christmas parade.  

I met Tim and have visited his web site many times to see his blueprint for our great state.  His blueprint is a winning one for Wisconsin, from his plan to drain the Madison swamp, backing the blue, trusting parents in education, to restoring election integrity.  His web site is top notch and easy to read and navigate.  Tim is just getting started winning for we the people of Wisconsin.  

Please visit  Get informed, get involved, and vote!  

Gregory Erickson, Former Army infantry man. My oath never expired!


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