Monday, May 20, 2024

There is No Trumpism without Trump


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I was a bit disappointed by the article I read by a friend and fellow conservative. He insinuated that Trump has overexposed himself and needs to “pass the torch” to a new generation. I have a major problem with what my friend expressed in his article. What also upsets me is that so many readers might actually agree with this sentiment. 

  1. There is no Trumpism without Trump. From the time he and his gorgeous Slovenian wife descended the golden escalator, I said to myself, “Okay, that’s different”!  And, yes, it was different. Finally, a candidate for president who spoke like me, who spoke to me and was not a perpetual politician. I live in Congressman Paul Ryan’s district. I was so tired of the happy talk, the glad-handing, the promises of a person who sounded like Calvin Coolidge while in his district. Then, as soon as they boarded the plane for DC, the land of the lotus eaters, they instantly became the representative of the globalist elites and the uniparty. Trump was not a politician and not beholden to any America-last interests. So, let’s get this straight, once and for all! There’s no Trumpism without Trump; there’s no America First agenda without Trump! As great as Trump was in his first term, he would have been even greater had it not been for all the globalist, establishment RINO saboteurs in his administration. This election is as much of a “fuck you” to the GOP establishment as it is a “Go to hell” to the Marxists who stole the election and are running an illegitimate coup.
  2. There is no viable America First candidate. The reprehensible RINO and saboteur, former Attorney General Bill Barr, responding to a question from fake Hispanic Geraldo Rivera, said that, “Trump will not deliver on Trump policies. He will deliver chaos and, if anything, will lead to a backlash!” Well, with internal enemies and backstabbers like Barr, you would expect a derailing of the Trump agenda. It appears that Barr was one of the worst saboteurs who was asked by Trump to simply look into the 2020 election. He decided to lie to Trump and the American people leading to the bloodless coup by the Marxist regime. Who else can deliver Trumpism? Krissy Kreme Christie?  Mike Judas Pense? Asa Limp Wrist Hutchinson? Even Ron Dominion DeSantis can’t deliver the America-First agenda due to the fact that Karl Rove and Paul Ryan are his friends and supporters. DeSantis is essentially Jeb Bush 2.0, he has more energy, Disney antagonism energy. 
  3. No one, except Trump, will give the downtrodden American population “retribution and reparations”. Who can take on the CCP and win? With the current illegitimate regime, we have become a vassal state to the CCP. Treasonous General Milley is still the head of the Joint Chiefs instead of being court-martialed and executed. With the release of the bioweapon known as COVID-19, the CCP is responsible for thousands of lost lives and trillions of lost dollars. Who would you trust to seek retribution and reparations other than President Trump? A good portion of our elected officials from both parties have been bought or significantly influenced by the CCP. Why do the CIA and FBI allow for CCP police stations in our nation’s largest cities? Why is Chinese freedom fighter and whistleblower Miles Guo in prison? Why is he worried that Biden will extradite him to the CCP for cash? There is no politician running for president, other than Trump, who can help us in a meaningful way. Trump is the only one who can immediately address these most important matters. 
  4. Your GOP presidential nominee is Trump. Unless you’ve avoided any new programs from mainstream (think hard left) or right-leaning media, you know that Trump is leading all of his Republican opponents to the presidential nomination. Not only leading but crushing the opposition. He is ahead of his unannounced competitor, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, by 20% to 40%, depending on the poll. All the other losers are in the single digits. The primaries are effectively over. Will someone please tell Ronna Romney Delecto to stop ordering flowers? There is absolutely no reason to carry on this charade and allow Ronna to waste all our money.  Also, President Trump should not debate any losers. Despite what the RNC wants, and despite how much money would be generated by the networks that televise the clown show, Trump needs to stand strong against something that could only hurt him. Why give any political oxygen to this collection of misfits that can only be best described as the Republican version of the cantina scene of Star Wars?

We have come unmoored from the Constitution, our founding principles, our original national ethos, and one man alone will not be able to reverse this. Unfortunately, with past Republican administrations, and I’m uniquely pointing to the Bushes, father, and son, they embraced the shifting Overton Window. They institutionalized the national leftward progression and, unfortunately, added to it. One man and one administration will not be able to reverse all this. And, if that administration faces unrelenting opposition and outright sabotage from within its own machine room, even less can be made. Needless to say, in a second term, Trump will easily recognize and prevent a “Paul Ryaning” of his administration. To reverse all this globalist, elitist, and outright Marxist damage to our nation will require more than just one four-year presidential term. I ask you, who else is best suited to start this process? 


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