Sunday, July 14, 2024

The Uniparty hit jobs are here, tis the season.


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Democrat or Republican, is there a difference anymore? Both parties are jockeying for positions of power to rule the country by blaming the other party for your lot in life instead of working hard for the American people. Conservative Republicans who were in power for years under Donald Trump blame liberal democrats for everything wrong with the country while liberal democrats who had 8 years of power under Barrack Obama blame conservative republicans for blocking their agenda, which would make all things better. If each could just get total power, your life would be easier and happy times would be here again, is the message being sent out before the 2024 presidential election. What if I was to tell you that neither Joe Biden nor Donald Trump will be representing their respective parties in November of 2024? In fairness, Donald Trump using the bully pulpit could run as a 3rd party alternative, but that is highly unlikely due to that causing a massive split among conservatives.

I predict that Joe Biden will not be running for President despite already declaring us based on three facts and present circumstances. The first glaringly obvious fact is that the Democratic party is done with Joe; they needed him for one purpose and one purpose only, to depose the orange man. One of the huge plusses that Donald Trump had that helped him win in 2016 was that he wasn’t Hillary Clinton. Joe Biden benefitted from the same issue in 2020; he wasn’t Trump; he was the progressive pick with a female, black VP pick running against a beleaguered president reeling from the worst pandemic in over 100 years. Joe Biden didn’t win because he was better; he won because he wasn’t the other guy. The democratic party simply doesn’t need Joe at this point as he has already served his purpose in helping defeat Donald Trump when they desperately needed him to.

The second reason is the walking, talking, and reproducing failure of a son in Hunter Biden. Hunter will be indicted, and his indictment will signal to the world that Joe’s time is over. Joe will make a calculated decision to denounce the “witch hunt” by MAGA Republicans against his family by communing or pardoning his son, which will torpedo his campaign because it will be an easy attack piece for the Republican nominees. There is no coincidence as to why Hunter is being indicted now; when he (Hunter) is indicted, and Joe makes his move to “protect his family,” the Dems will have enough time to find another candidate through the primary process and distance themselves from the Biden scandals as it will be 12 months in the rearview. Joe isn’t on the ballot in 2024, thanks to his idiot son and the crime syndicate he oversaw for decades.

The last reason combines the two, but it is much more plausible and sets the Dems up quite nicely for 2024. The last option is what I lovingly call “Dementia Harris” at some point soon, Dr. Jill Biden, the first lady, will make a stunning admission about the cognitive abilities of her husband, and the cabinet will enact the 25th amendment; therefore, handing control to VP Harris who has about 12 months to hope America collectively suffers a bout of dementia and forgets how horrible she has been at her job. The democratic machine rebrands with Harris and another female candidate (say, Stacy Abrams) and runs a complete campaign on identity politics driven by progressive issues on gender and equality.

Bottom line, Joe may want to run, but the sooner he is put out to pasture, the Democrats can rebound and rebrand; they know it, he knows it, we all know it, and it will happen.

Donald Trump will not be on the ticket as a Republican candidate in 2024 for two very different reasons. The first will be the complete assassination of his character due to all the legal indictments against him. Right or wrong, these indictments are real; in New York and Georgia, there are going forward full steam ahead. I believe these accusations are baseless and are only meant to hurt the former president but be that as it may, the RNC will not sit idly by and focus on Trump and his legal woes and miss the opportunity to capitalize on the absolute train wreck the US has become under the lefts progressive policies. Somewhere, at some point, the RNC leadership and financial backers will, if they haven’t already, approach Trump about becoming a “King Maker” for the next batch of RNC superstars and, once in power, make the Trump witch hunt go away. Even Donald Trump knows that should he run and lose in 2024 to whoever the dems put up his reputation will be damaged beyond repair being a 2-time Presidential election loser.

The second reason that Donald Trump will not be on the ticket for 2024 is a deep bench of strong Republican candidates that studied the “Trump Playbook” and now know how to defeat him in the primary. Lest we forget Donald Trump in 2015/2016 was a complete anomaly that no one quite knew how to address. Trump had no voting record, no policies he had put into place, so the opposition campaigns had to be about assassinating his character and his Republican challengers couldn’t figure out how to defeat him. When we fast forward to the 2024 election season, we can now see the former presidents’ missteps (Operation Warp Speed, anyone?). Candidates on the right can clearly separate themselves on character and policies. Many of them are not the subject of active legal investigations, a point which they will consistently hammer home at each debate.

In the end, each branch of the uniparty knows that time is ticking away. For the “good ole boy” society to continue in D.C., there needs to be a weak Dem and a weak Republican candidate who will return some peace to the swamp and let the swamp creatures keep deceiving and manipulating the American people. The swamp is counting on you to forget 2023 and how they knee-capped each front-running candidate to install their own puppet for our voting pleasure. I am super excited to vote now, aren’t you?

Mike Grajeda
Mike Grajeda is the founder and host of the Mike is Always Right Podcast, a conservative leaning podcast focused on local Wisconsin politics and national news headlines. Mike believes in limited, small government, the sanctity of life and the second amendment. Born and raised in Southern California, Mike's political views shifted after moving to Texas, the lone star state. Seeing firsthand how California government handouts and lack of accountability failed to empower its citizens, Texas' stance on taxation and less government oversight was a breath of fresh air. Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, Mike took to the air waves to shed light on the fake news era, the deterioration of our American freedoms and the steady march toward socialism. Having a strong understanding of national politics drives Mike's passion to bring a voice to local candidates and elections. The Mike is ALWAYS Right Podcast will always be free. conservative. talk.

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