Monday, April 15, 2024

The Takedown of America


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In 2009 schools closed for an extra few days over Spring break because of “swine flu.” Stores ran out of disinfectant and a bad case of the flu took over sound reason and common sense. 

In 2018 Wisconsin went to sleep sound in the knowledge Scott Walker had been re-elected. In the middle of the night with a ballot dump a seemingly endless nightmare began and Tony Evers was elected. 

Most of us were unaware of what was happening; we certainly had no idea what these two events were test runs for. 

In 2020 the China Virus caused global hysteria and the world was shut down. Looking back, we now understand that the Wuhan flu was the beginning, the swine flu the precursor.

In April of that year Americans were scared to go to the voting booth and practice their most basic right of freedom: the right to vote! 

Governors across the United States imposed Draconian lock downs and in what can only leave one’s mind numb, people adhered. We were told to show compliance and cover our faces with dirty pieces of cloth or thin pieces of paper in order to show we cared about others safety. Americans complied. Americans agreed that their job was “non-essential” and they stayed home, taking handouts from the government forcing us to live well beyond the pittance the taxpayers were being forced to pay others. 

Americans were denied the right to worship, and Churches just fell in line and closed their doors. The government told us they were more powerful than God, and most stood silent and watched, nary a whisper demanding better. 

Schools never re-opened for the year, leaving children stranded, without their most basic right: the right to an education.

But was that the silver lining? Because we quickly learned what was going on in schools and we started to muster. 

By the fall irresponsible school board members across this majestic land told parents they know better. That parents were not the primary educator of the child and the education decisions were up to the school board, not the parents. The student was to stay home, or worse, put a mask on their face in order to learn. 

All of this was rehearsed in 2009. A little ace up the sleeve of the Socialists, we showed compliance once, how much farther can they push? 

We learned that in November 2020. The midnight ballot dump (on camera in some States) and our Republic was gone. A man who was too afraid of death to leave his basement to campaign, and the rare occasion he did 12 or less people, including media and bodyguards showed up at his events. A stark contrast for the tens of thousands that showed up to see the sitting President at any given moment.

We tried to fight back, recounts were conducted, the spineless Vice President was asked to do the right thing; he was asked to legally shift the date of certification to give SCOTUS enough time for review, yet he yielded to the pressure of the Establishment, protecting himself, rather than our Republic. The only two dates set by the Constitution are the first Tuesday of November is Election Day and January 21, Inauguration Day.  The American people were demanding to be heard, but, just like the 2018 Gubernatorial race, our voices were not heard and the seemingly limitless nightmare took a turn for the worse. 

The calculated, orchestrated assault on our freedoms took new form on January 6,

2021. Americans were arrested for protesting for their convictions, a sharp contrast to the mayhem, death and destruction in the Summer of 2020 when violent protest erupted and cities were “occupied” by brutal leftists hell bent on control. Americans were thrown in prison and quickly became political prisoners, here, in this Country. We hold American’s prisoner without a fair trial, or even knowing what they stand accused of. The unarmed Ashli Babbit was shot by one of Nancy Pelosi’s henchmen and died on the floor of the People’s House for supporting the President. Innocent American’s were dragged from their beds in the middle of the night and thrown into solitary confinement, all for the crime of supporting a President, and a Country that was being stolen right out from under us.

A simple Google search of all of that will give you an altered version or reality. But the truth is Joe Biden’s political opponents, some famous, some infamous, some just ordinary America’s are dead, in jail or facing trial/sentencing for crimes they didn’t commit. 

Read that again. Joe Biden has weaponized the Department of Justice, and as we heard stories like that of Brandon Straka, we said “that cannot happen to us” and moved on with our lives. 

But it can, in 2021 Americans complied, and it happened. Now, in 2023, the Greatest of All Time continues to stand in the way of “them” and is facing 110 years in prison if convicted on these made up charges. He could be facing the Death Penalty for treason!

Read that again. The weaponized Department of Justice, likely under the direction of the Biden Administration is threatening to execute Joe Biden’s political opponent. 

His only guilt? Being the true voice of We, the People and standing in the way of the Joe Biden regime. 

Our time is now. If we don’t say enough when will we? If we don’t rise up and take a stand who will be next? 

Now more than ever We, the People need to stand United and tell the government this Country is ours, and we are taking it back!


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