Monday, January 30, 2023

The Stuff of Rebellion?


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Never in my life did I think our republic would be in jeopardy, but it is today. My oath to the Constitution, taken 18JAN90, meant I must uphold equaljustice for all.  I put country over party and am an equal opportunity critic, but our cornerstone equal justice for all principle isn’t being followed at all by one party.

In moves right out of Orwell’s 1984 novel, like the proposed Ministry of Truth, the Democrats have become a party of rights for me but not for thee. Consider Kyle Rittenhouse.  There was no evidence to support murder charges, but he was politically prosecuted.  

Kenosha County justly had enough. A Republican county executive was elected for the first time in its history.   

Consider Peter Navarro.  He was a trade advisor to President Trump.  He was subpoenaed over the Jan. 6 riot. He was cooperating but that wasn’t good enough for the Justice Dept.  He was arrested at the airport.  

Biden was right about putting people ‘back in chains’, only he was apparently referring to referring to putting conservatives in chains, as Navarro was. On 15JUL22 US District Court Judge Amit Mehta agreed that Navarro’s treatment was ‘unusually harsh.’

Consider the unequal treatment of Trump and Hillary Clinton.  There was a mountain of evidence to charge Hillary, but she got off with just a verbal rebuke from FBI Director Comey, who had no authority to let her off.  Charges come from the Attorney General, at least that’s the way it’s supposed to work under the Constitution, but establishment Democrats are clearly above the Constitution.  

The Justice Dept. is corrupt, as well as senior FBI officials.  Fourteen FBI agents have so far come forward to testify to the corruption.  The 3rd world dictatorship Mara Lago raid, was just the latest in a series of unjust moves against Trump that includes the Hillary Clinton Russia collusion hoax! 

The Jan. 6 Committee is a sham.  

Under any just Speaker of the House, the opposition would have the right to choose its members, but not according to Speaker Pelosi.  She chose the 2 Republican members, both of whom lost support and will be out of office next year.  On top of that, Pelosi is a key material witness as the one in charge of Capitol security, but won’t even be questioned.

The official Capitol Police timeline shows that a National Guard request was made and denied, backing up Trump’s assertion. I want rioters prosecuted, but many Trump supporters have been held without bail and due process.  Citizen rights?  Nah.  

Matthew Perna was a caring man who volunteered to help people, but because he was so persecuted for merely walking into the Capitol that day by people and the ‘injustice dept.,’ he committed suicide after losing his will to live.  His life didn’t matter to leftists.  

How about that Hunter Biden laptop and Biden family corruption?  The FBI just sits on it doing nothing.  

In the recent Georgia primary a record number of blacks voted, putting to rest the lie of ‘voter suppression.’  Democrats called photo ID racist, isn’t it racist to think blacks are incapable of getting photo ID’s that are needed already for bus passes, sending packages, etc.?  Voter suppression is a proven lie.

We are in a perilous period where unequal justice reigns and must be corrected this fall at the ballot box or risk the potential for violence.  Remember that unequal justice was a key factor listed in the Declaration of Independence.  I still have faith in the people.  Vote Dems out!  God bless America.  

Gregory Erickson

Former Army infantry veteran

My oath never expired!


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