Sunday, June 16, 2024

The Political Intolerance of the Religious Zealot


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We have just come out of one of the hardest-fought election battles ever to take place here in Wisconsin. It was undoubtedly the election with the most eyes on it nationwide. My friend Scott Presler and I traveled throughout Wisconsin to meet the most glorious American Patriots. Encouragement, love, and thank you’s embracing us at every stop. Scott fell in love with our state and is truly ready to move here and call Wisconsin home, something I am sure we would all love. This amazing young man dedicated a month of his life to us and ensured we all knew nothing was more important than securing the Supreme Court. Keenly aware that we are one of five states that will decide the Presidential election in 2024, we felt the weight of this election and fought hard to secure the win. 

We worked tirelessly to put the race to Save the Court in the National spotlight, which was not easy to accomplish. We hit too many roadblocks to list, and rehashing the drama will serve no good.

Instead of accomplishing our goal: Get Dan Kelly Elected, we will be punished with ten years of assault on our freedoms, the progress we made obliterated by feckless politicians, and a court that will support their nefarious behaviors. A tragedy in the making, to say the least. 

People are looking to lay blame; there is enough to go around, the failed leadership from the top down. The party elite and the establishment refuse to embrace the grassroots movement, dismissing us as inconsequential fringe -noise makers with little to no knowledge of what is going on in our communities. Dismissed as not having a large enough following, the leadership deemed us useless and ignored. Justice Kelly’s inexperienced campaign team is not recognizing the importance of many things, such as addressing Women’s Rights and Abortion head-on. The power grabs at the county level, taking our “eye off the prize” by holding a caucus on Super Saturdays, the Fifth Congressional District, and even holding a caucus on the last Super Saturday of the month! There is plenty of blame to go around. I list only a few things here because I want to focus on one. 

The religious zealots. Let’s call a spade a spade; these are not conservatives. Politics is not a straight line that has alt-left and alt-right at the end of either side of the line. Politics is a circle; where that circle meets, we have the alt-left and the alt-right. Socialism, Nazism, and Communism are here, and that is where the religious zealot lies. 

I was recently attacked by an out-of-touch religious zealot for being the leader of the “Reprobate GOP Women.”  I was maligned for “embracing gay men like Scott Presler and Brandon Straka” and not “walking with God.” I have only this to say to such an ignorant woman: The God that guides every step I take has taught me that judgment is not mine; it is His and His alone. The mere fact that she chooses to tell me that the religious sect she belongs to feels entitled to attempt to shame one of God’s children in such a way makes me take her insult and wear it as a badge of honor. This woman claims to be a Christian; I see no Christian values in the hate she spreads. Two of the finest American Patriots I know are named Scott Presler and Brandon Straka; I embrace these two men’s love and friendship, and with pride, I am honored to stand shoulder to shoulder with them to Save America.

There is no place for bigotry in the grassroots movement. We must remind these zealots that while we welcome all, we are the true Melting Pot; they can check their prejudices at the door, and we have no room for hate. It is time that the Republican Party, as a whole, National, State, County, and in our own hearts, embrace the freedom We, the People, demand.


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