Friday, June 2, 2023

The Plot Thickens: Is Sarah Godlewski Already on the Campaign Trail? For Tammy Baldwin’s Seat?


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The plot thickens. After a mere four days on the ‘job’ (illegitimately), Secretary of State appointee, Sarah Godlewski was in Green Bay being very public while stumping for Ultra-Liberal extremist Mayor Eric Genrich. Of course, since Democrats have no original ideas, Godlewski’s focus was abortion. For a Mayor’s race. But, that’s a different subject.

As I reported recently, Gov. Tony Evers apparently fulfilled a pre-planned ‘Quid Pro Quo’ obligation and appointed Godlewski to fill the seat just vacated by recently re-elected Secretary of State, Doug La Follette. It’s becoming beyond evident that this was the going price for Godlweski to step out of the Senate race last Fall. Once again, she was the last to drop out.

The Democrats are not idiots and are always plotting their next move while the Republicans are busy trying to figure out what they did last time.

The first thing that needed to happen was to clear the field for Mandela Barnes. Knowing that Godewski badly wants to run for office, getting the Secretary of State job was key for any future aspirations, as it gives her strength by giving her the ‘bully pulpit’ of being an incumbent.

No surprises there. But the sudden, very public, appearance in a hotly contested race like Green Bay Mayor makes me wonder, what is she running for already? Certainly, it cannot be for Governor in 2026 or US Senate in 2028. As Rebecca Kleefisch recently showed, campaigning for several years does not give an advantage.

This could mean only one thing. TAMMY BALDWIN IS NOT RUNNING AGAIN FOR US SENATE, AND DEMOCRAT LEADERS KNOW IT! She is up for re-election in 2024, in just 20 months. Or, there’s also the possibility that there may be something for her in the Biden Administration. Everyone knows Kamala Harris is on ‘thin ice’ with Democratic leadership.

Sure this is all speculation, but the pieces fit eerily close together. From what I’ve heard about Godlewski, the Secretary of State role is ‘beneath her.’ This makes even more sense that this is likely the final piece of the Quid Pro Quo engineered by Gov Evers to allow Godlewski to hit the ground running for something bigger.

She is the ONLY Democrat uniquely positioned to ramp up quickly. There is absolutely nothing else that would warrant such a public appearance this early in the game.

We will have to wait and see. Stay tuned.

Paris Procopis
If Paris is in a room filled with people, you will usually see him front and center talking and laughing with everyone. His effervescent, outgoing personality brings a refreshing change to the sometimes hostile political world. He takes advantage of his private sector relationship management and comedy improv experience to easily engage any size audience, from individuals to thousands. He has always had a passion for all things political and the world around us, and brings a unique and sometimes humorous, perspective. He has been involved in everything from working on individual campaigns to organizing large political rally's. While Paris is a solid Conservative, he takes the time to understand opposing viewpoints. He lives by the mantra, ‘Do not try to change the minds of others as someone else will easily change it back. Just simply state the facts and they may change their own mind, if that happens, you may have an ally for life.’

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