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The Patience to Play the Long Game


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Bold statement, if you think that Donald Trump is the savior of the country and that in 2024, we as conservatives MUST elect him to be president, you just may be the problem. I have no issue with Donald Trump running for President, I think he was a great President who did more of what he said, than many of the previous Bozos including the current occupant of the white house. I do not however believe it should be a coronation due to the “wrongs” suffered from the 2020 election. I believe a hard-fought, robust primary season will give the political right to the best possible candidate to match up against the Democratic machine. However, the election of 2024 isn’t the end-all, be-all, and contrary to what you are going to be led to believe is NOT the most important election of our lives. The patience to play the long game and see 30-40 years in the future would be the strongest move for conservatives to truly set up the United States for future success. 

So where does it start? How do we set up our children and their children for success? We as conservatives need to stop playing checkers and play the long and much more difficult strategy game of chess. We need to stop focusing on the “next cycle”. Do you ever stop and look around and wonder, how did we get here? Do you currently see the demoralization of society, the devaluing of human life, and the smothering of patriotic pride in the country and wonder why? What we are experiencing now is because of calculated investments from the progressive, Marxist leftists back in the late 60s and early 70s that we are now seeing the seeds they sowed come to fruition. The rejection of what made America a great place to raise a family and the opportunities we all enjoy started being chipped away with the belief that we need to educate our children and provide them with more “new age” and “nontraditional” beliefs, its packaged today as being WOKE. All you need to do is look around and see that those efforts are succeeding and we as conservatives are losing this current generation of young people.

The most important elections right now are those that will decide the educational future of our children, this is the battlefront that the line must be drawn on and the hill as conservatives we must be willing to die on. The brainwashing that was accepted by parents in the 70s at the college level has now worked its way down to elementary schools where the sexualization and indoctrination of children are not even being hidden anymore. Woke educators want nothing more than to indoctrinate your children to propitiate their radical beliefs and create generations of depressed, confused, entitled, America-hating teens and young adults that will ultimately reject the notion of American superiority. How will the freedoms and ideals of this country be defeated? They won’t, they will be freely relinquished by future generations who will want to see themselves as “citizens of the world.” These people will trade their freedoms for shackles freely and not skip a beat, doing it all for the “greater good.” Remember the COVID strategy, “if it saves one life”. 

We have seen since 2020 the radical agenda from the nation’s second-largest school union led by the hilariously inept Randi Weingarten who is the public face and leader of over 1.7 million teachers. This union advocated for masks for your children, vaccine mandates to get children back into school and advocated for prolonged online learning, all to the detriment of the children they are supposed to be caring for. We are just now starting to see some of the negative effects of these misguided policies that favored suppressing your rights as a parent over their control as teachers. The best example of Randi and the union not caring about your children is the trip she took to Ukraine to stand with the Ukraine people and help their children. The fact that an American union leader was overseas glad handling a corrupt government is telling the true value they place on educating your children. 

Our future as a country is being decided right now all over the country by parents rising up and running for school boards to help shape the education system that will ultimately see us succeed or fail as a country. Local elections are the key to keeping communities insulated from the national politics that have become so toxic and divisive. School boards, county supervisors, the local sheriffs, and mayors will be the difference in communities thriving or falling pray to the woke ideologies that are dragging so many places down. There are an average of 1000 people a day leaving places like New York and California. These people are fed up with among other things how their children are being left behind compared to other states or children in other countries. When woke teachers spend time on equity and equality, CRT, and gender studies instead of reading, math, science, history, and other core subjects our children fail, and we are allowing that to happen. 

Local elections aren’t as sexy as the national races. The odds are that less than 20 percent of the community will show up and vote for these positions and many of these warriors’ names won’t even be known in the community for the valuable work they do. If the pandemic taught parents anything is that behind the curtains the great and all-powerful Wizard of Oz is all about himself and not the well-being of the people, he has been placed in charge of. The long-term success of our country is dependent on the value and sacrifice we chose as parents to make right now. The rise of homeschooling, private school, and religious schools are a direct result of parents seeing the lack of value they are getting in the public education of their children. What is the call to action? How do we stem this tide? How do we affect change right now to see the United States in a better place in the coming decades? You work to raise patriotic, responsible children who will value life, hold religious rights sacred, understand that will great responsibility comes great sacrifices, be critical thinkers who aren’t afraid of hard work. They will put in the extra effort to reject woke ideology because they understand that the result is the end of their individual and collective freedoms. If your school district can’t or refuses to do this, work hard to elect new school board members to have your voice heard and play an active role in your children’s education. Go to meetings, get involved, review the curriculum, and ask yourself does this line up with my beliefs? If that doesn’t happen and the school holds onto its woke ideology the question, then becomes what are you willing to sacrifice to ensure your children aren’t corrupted?

The very fate of our American system of government will all be eventually turned over to those little kids in elementary school right now. Are they truly educated or indoctrinated? Don’t wait too long to figure this out. Our country is relying on all of us to make the right choices now so we can all be successful as a nation in the long run. 

Mike Grajeda
Mike Grajeda is the founder and host of the Mike is Always Right Podcast, a conservative leaning podcast focused on local Wisconsin politics and national news headlines. Mike believes in limited, small government, the sanctity of life and the second amendment. Born and raised in Southern California, Mike's political views shifted after moving to Texas, the lone star state. Seeing firsthand how California government handouts and lack of accountability failed to empower its citizens, Texas' stance on taxation and less government oversight was a breath of fresh air. Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, Mike took to the air waves to shed light on the fake news era, the deterioration of our American freedoms and the steady march toward socialism. Having a strong understanding of national politics drives Mike's passion to bring a voice to local candidates and elections. The Mike is ALWAYS Right Podcast will always be free. conservative. talk.

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