Sunday, July 14, 2024

The New Republican Needs To be a Bit More Like The Old Party


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I don’t do things for clicks, I just say what I see. I talk to alot of people. I stay out of Bubbles, this support of Donald J. Trump says a lot it says alot of the country doesn’t like Joe Biden.

I get it, I just wonder what happens to the Republican Party after. People like myself and a ton of you will vote right most of the time. But the GOP doesn’t get it. They have a very narrow scope. You have people trying to all do their own thing and it’s not working.

You had people trying to sabotage their picked nominees, and then these same people blame everyone else.

If you think the best bet to win is to support a guy with 91 felony counts and is being suspected of treason we will see election time.

What is the Republican Party? What is the Democrat Party?

To Everyone wanting to make a real change politically, make a real attempt to work with the party, then take a different approach, A new party will be destroyed by the democrats.

Maybe just maybe we should try to work together. Your neighbors who you don’t have real issues with may be on the opposite end of the political spectrum.

The republicans have to decide who they are.

This is my point, I’m fine if you hold this position. What throws me off is how people think because you don’t agree with them or if you’re ok with this you’re an idiot.

Anyone that doesn’t think this is somewhat politically motivated is being disingenuous but you are also being disingenuous if you think he is completely innocent.

None of the hard core MAGA supporters can answer why? Why are they persecuting him? They NEVER have anything other than a talking point.

Donald J. Trump isn’t #MalcolmX , he isn’t #martinlutherkingjr, #RFK ,#JFK, #HueyNewton

I can tell you why each of those guys had issues. With President Trump there is no why that I can see. Did he drain the swamp,no. Did Mexico pay for a wall no. Did Hillary get locked up, no.

Did he do some thing I never thought as a right leaning voter , absolutely!!!!! He cut corporate tax, he didn’t interfere with the HBCU funding, he Pardoned Jack Johnson and did some good work in regard to prison reform and told things as they were at times.

Things were more affordable cosmetically and he wasn’t involved in wars. And our election security is vastly improved because of him.

Fast Forward, my same friends who claim to be MAGA support the stuff Trump actually was good on. 

You know an important election is coming up but you are stuck on a guy with 91 felony counts and won’t likely win a general election, instead of being smart and fighting for Trump and having a back at the same time you ostrasize anyone that isn’t lock and step with you.

Our side will create narratives when the next election comes and goes. I don’t understand why it has to be Trump or Nothing. 

I remember when #Reagan would preach 80/20 because the liberals are all or nothing, that’s why he won twice.

My Godfather is a real Conservative, but he is viewed as not one because he doesn’t think Trump can win and if he cared about being a leader he would promote someone else instead of tearing down anyone who disagrees with him.

His supporters mimic his behavior. 

I love reality, The truth is he could get re elected, but the truth is it’s uphill.

The truth is , even tho Joe Biden is horrible in regard to his politics in my opinion , the sky isn’t falling.

The truth is after the election you will have to adjust to the country no matter who wins.

Maybe it’s Donald J. Trump


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