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The Myth of Global Westernism


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by Chris Kemble

How ironic, that the international elites have re-polarized the world. This disaster starts with the progressive war against Western civilization. Academics have praised ‘globalism over nationalism’, calling it inevitable and necessary. But this is upside-down, a failure to understand that Western civilization is strictly and innately nationalist; and that internationalism must have the voluntary, measured and controlled involvement of nation-states.

For 2500 years, Western civilization has been characterized by trial by jury, equality before the law, free speech, rational science, classical art & architecture, philosophy and democracy in nation-states that protect their citizens, their rights and liberties. International cooperation is a choice, not a mandate.

Sovereignty remains with citizens and their nation and is not to be outsourced to elites and supra-international organizations. Failure to retain control, choice and self-determination is a surrender to totalitarianism. But today the world is inverted, dominated by woke elites and liberal governments. What the globalist Left pushes is an impossible myth with built-in contradictions. The internationalists claim they are building a more cooperative world. In reality, they are trafficking in involuntary servitude to elites with utopian delusions.

Leftists in the 1960s started their long march through the institutions with war on nationalism, westernism and classic institutions. They effectively killed the teaching of Western civilization across most universities and did it with racist explanations that it was all about dead white men and Eurocentrism. Here is an example of the poor understanding, a basic democracy quiz that no one ever passes. Try it yourself. Origins of Democracy: When, Where, Why, Who and How? Answers: 508 BCE. At the Agora market site where debates and voting took place, or the standoff at the Acropolis religious sanctuary. Threats by aristocrats forced the populist leader to flee Athens, which triggered an uprising of the people. Cleisthenes, known as the father of Athenian democracy.

Athens was divided into balanced voting districts, a kind of republican gerrymandering. How do you defend your culture without knowing the history?
The BRICS Summit is a dark turning point. In short order, BRICS went from a coined term to a world power. And twenty more countries want to join it. The anti-western BRICS Alliance is now the biggest economic bloc in the world, with five times the population and a bigger GDP than the G7. The US partners in the G7 have a tiny ten-year growth rate of one percent, while BRICS is booming. And now Europe has no Russian natural resources to build with; instead these resources are going to communist China. Other than Marxist spendthrifts, no one wants to trade in the high inflation currency of a massive debit spending, sanctions-abusing and dysfunctional government. So the sanctions power of the US dollar is gone when half the world has an alternate trade and currency group.

Think of it as if the US just lost twenty army divisions. The schemes and overreach of the internationalists have achieved what the Soviet Union, Maoist China and Castro’s Cuba could not: unite America’s enemies and dethrone the US dollar.
The sham ‘western’ world is getting its comeuppance. In reality, the pretenders of Western civilization are now all countries controlled by internationalists and their out-of-control global organizations. Any two NATO countries could have prevented the war in Ukraine. All they had to do was declare, ‘NATO is not going to militarize Ukraine’. But of course they did not, they are globalists too. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken says that under current administration policy, NATO will expand at every opportunity. “I can’t be more clear. NATO’s door is open, remains open, and that is our commitment”. Not defend NATO members, not protect US interests, not keep the peace. The pro-war globalists, pouring more gasoline on the fire, avoid any mention of the Cuban Missile Crisis because they would have to repudiate JFK’s planned second invasion, repudiate the Monroe Doctrine and repudiate JFK’s removal of missiles in Turkey that kept the peace. So who is supposed to push back on this folly when we have no nationalist leaders?

Leftist financier George Soros laid the groundwork—NATO as the basis of a New World Order, NATO to be made strong enough to project its power and influence for collective security. Mission result: a reckless expansionist NATO deliberately projected into ruinous war and a Biden Curtain schism that makes the Cold War look like the good old days. Ronald Reagan, Pope John Paul II and the Beatles won the Cold War; militarily, spiritually and culturally. Now it is all squandered and lost by globalist failure.
The ‘western’ world is looking more like communist China, a totalitarian social credit-score police state. Big Bro Tech and its leftist minion moderators control most speech. The Deep State is the enforcement arm of the liberal elites. Banana Republic dysfunction is the norm. The corporate globalists fund the revolution and get free reign. WHO and Big Pharma locked everyone up with a pack of lies and got rich by it. US law was circumvented without penalty to finance gain-of-function. Reckless spending gives the government more power, and Marxists love inflation as the foundation of their equity socialism. Radical revolution tears at every institution. All international organizations are woke and out-of-control because the anti-western globalists in power want it that way.
International westernism is an oxymoron, a false choice. Mandated or even uncontrolled global governance is a direct path to serfdom. Those who are not nationalists are not western. The elitist New World Order is illegitimate. Brexit showed that unelected bureaucrats are tyrannical; the globalists proved they never respected national sovereignty when they tried to keep the Brits from leaving. Nationalism is the bedrock of Western civilization and is as fundamental as free speech and democracy. Strong nationalist governments must control international organizations, not the other way around. You cannot outsource your sovereignty and self-determination and remain free.

Chris Kemble has published articles at American Thinker, MacIver Institute, Canada Free Press, Federalist Society and Badger Institute.


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