Tuesday, November 28, 2023

The Makings of a Trump Landslide


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May 12

Ever since Donald Trump won the Indiana Primary and became the presumptive Republican nominee, the Conservatives and the Establishment in the Republican party have been struggling to support Trump. The biggest concern is the fear that the polls say he is destined to get trounced by Hillary Clinton.

This fear is completely irrational because the conditions are perfect for Trump to win in November. Donald Trump can win, and can do so decisively.

Let’s go back to the 2012 election between Mitt Romney and Barrack Obama. The President’s approval rating had dropped significantly, failing Obamacare seemed to be a huge weight on his shoulders, and the economy was still in the tank. Mitt Romney should have been a shoe-in, but we all know that Mitt Romney got trounced.

Obama accomplished this by attacking Romney personally, basically painting Romney as the uncaring ‘rich guy’ that would eat your young. Conversely, Romney was too busy playing ‘nicey nice’ because he was afraid of offending Obama supporters by attacking the ‘likeable’ President. So, Obama controlled the narrative effectively painting Romney as the ‘villain’ and himself as ‘good guy.’  Romney was defined, pure and simple.

Fast forward to this year, Republicans started out with 17 candidates, many of them seasoned Republican politicians. It was a foregone conclusion that one of them would win, but, something happened this year that was completely unexpected, Donald Trump took on his 17 opponents by controlling the narrative on each one of them and he won. This was in spite of the establishment onslaught of over $70 Million of negative advertising.

Now, many voters feel we are faced with a choice where both front runners are perceived villains. Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have ‘yuuuuge’ negative numbers and we are left with deciding which person has the best policies.

So, why do I think Trump may be on the cusp of a landslide? Of course, we know Hillary would govern far to the Left, but Trump is completely unpredictable.

Trump is the master of going on the attack, that is his biggest appeal. Like the old school popular kid that labels the nerdy kid with a nickname, Trump has the ability to make his opponents wear the nickname like a weight. Trump is a guy that fights back and plays to win, which is a far cry from Republican candidates over the past eight years.

Think about this, Trump is reasonably close to Clinton in the polls even though he has been focused on fighting attacks from his own party for the past few months. As he said, he’s not even started on Clinton, this makes his chances better than average.

Since he has yet to start on Clinton, that is an extremely positive sign for Republicans. Once Trump focuses his sights on the Clinton machine, we should start seeing a major shift in the polls.

Another positive sign is the record turnout of Republican primary voters and the demotivated drop in turnout by Democrat primary voters. Clearly Trump has the enthusiasm edge over Clinton.

In the end, the thing that binds all factions of the Republican Party is the fact the Clintons cannot be allowed to once again occupy the hallowed White House halls. Is Donald Trump perfect? Of course not, but Clinton is much further from perfect.

If the Republicans go after Clinton like they went after Trump, we can win in a landslide. Let’s all unite behind Donald trump and make Hillary Clinton be known as nothing more than the first female Democrat Presidential nominee.

Paris Procopishttp://newsundone.com
If Paris is in a room filled with people, you will usually see him front and center talking and laughing with everyone. His effervescent, outgoing personality brings a refreshing change to the sometimes hostile political world. He takes advantage of his private sector relationship management and comedy improv experience to easily engage any size audience, from individuals to thousands. He has always had a passion for all things political and the world around us, and brings a unique and sometimes humorous, perspective. He has been involved in everything from working on individual campaigns to organizing large political rally's. While Paris is a solid Conservative, he takes the time to understand opposing viewpoints. He lives by the mantra, ‘Do not try to change the minds of others as someone else will easily change it back. Just simply state the facts and they may change their own mind, if that happens, you may have an ally for life.’

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