Monday, February 6, 2023

The Left’s attack on guns is masking bigger issues


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As gun rights are still legal, our nation grows further divided. As the rise of leftist extremists wanting a ban on firearms is in full swing, it still does not solve school shootings, masking the bigger issue: a lack of security.

Why are police taking such a long time to respond to school shootings? Simple, similarly to the tragic incident of George Floyd, a police officer often acts on training, rather than human decency.

Look, people are not sensible. We are getting distracted by s••• that should not distract us. When an idiot tries to twist your gun opinion tell them this debate was decided when the 2nd amendment was constructed. PERIOD!

In Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin wants Americans to vote for politicians who support gun control following us the mass shooting at the Independence Day parade near Chicago. “How long are we going to accept this in America?” Durbin asked during an interview with Fox News.

A gunman shot into the July 4 parade, killing six and injuring more than 30. Robert “Bobby” E. Crimo III was arrested as a person of interest in the shooting and is now charged.

With all of our freedoms, how many mass shootings do we have on average? They don’t talk about crime solutions that make sense. How do the good people in the urban areas protect themselves from criminals if guns get banned?

I don’t know about you, but I’m annoyed with this culture. These people watch NBC, CNN, and other media outlets to form their opinions. It makes absolutely no sense to ban guns when you know criminals will still have a gun.

This year’s election is so important. It’s important to our inalienable rights. These issues go beyond politics they go beyond Republican and Democrat, and they go beyond conservative and liberal.


The Huffpost quoted Andrea Tornielli, “Pro-life” is not just about opposing abortion.  “Anti-abortion activists must be concerned with all issues that threaten life, such as easy access to guns, poverty and rising maternity mortality rates, which are alarmingly high in the U.S.”

Like I said I’m not trying to hear the nonsense comparing Roe v. Wade to anything regarding guns is asinine. I really believe that if you don’t want a gun don’t buy one, but if you want to call the police and you want help while your life is in danger, I think you want someone with a gun.

I’m in the Knights of Columbus, I’m a Catholic and I don’t always agree with the Pope. Obviously, the gun rhetoric is a distraction, we need to focus on economics. But this piece is about guns, don’t get me started on economics.

Anyway, let me break this down for everyone, anyone trying to ban guns is an idiot and they probably live in the suburbs.

Imagine if there is a total ban on guns and these dudes that have the pistols take complete control. These sellouts who wanted to defund the police last year, now live in neighborhoods that turned into compounds like Cabrini Green.

I don’t try to make people look dumb and my F••• everyone attitude isn’t natural, I’m right point blank.


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