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The Faketriots Never Tell You What Robin Vos and The Wisconsin Republicans Have Done


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What the Republicans In Wisconsin Have Done 

Wisconsin State Senate Republicans have a veto proof majority. Republican State Assembly are two seats  shy of a veto proof majority. 

The Republican Legislature has passed: 

Tax Cuts

Expanded School choice

Several election integrity bills

Protections for biological born girls and women and protecting minors from being multilated while they may have mental health.

Working hard to make WI affordable so our retirees can stay in Wisconsin. 

And so much more. Some (tax cuts, expanded school choice) they were able to get signed into law. Others, we need to change the Governor to get it signed………..

Into law. 

While Wisconsin Republican legislaors are working hard for the tax payers of Wisconsin, there is a group of “Faketriots” working to primary our solid conservative representation because they don’t agree with them 100%.

Let’s call these “Faketriots” what they are… LIBERALS 

I’ll focus on the real problem! The democrats that tell girls to try harder if they don’t want to lose opportunities to genetically born boys.

Quotes From my Friends on Facebook 

 “You should add in how these antics to fuck over our super majority potential could impact all of us, our freedoms, 2nd amendment, sporting heritage, etc”

-John from Facebook 

“Because it’s the truth. We stand to lose all of that and more over these clowns antics. I’ll be damned if I lose any of that to these troglodytes.”

-Scott From Facebook 

Let’s not forget: a certain bunch of so-called “republicans” ran a write-in campaign against the assembly speaker, causing him and the party to expend resources in what would have been a safe district. Those resources might have made the difference in other races that could have given us a veto-proof majority in the assembly. We can thank Steen, Melby, et al for lack of a super majority.

-Louis From Facebook 

This is what the Faketriots are about , why do you think these Fringe people run on emotions and never have any plan to do better than the politicians they hate. 

They just want power, but here is what they support:

Wisconsin Focus on Energy. The hidden 1.2% electric bill tax.  “investor-owned electric and natural-gas utilities are required to spend 1.2 percent of their annual gross operating revenues on energy efficiency programs and renewable resource programs.”

They support higher energy costs because they oppose the candidate that is for lower energy costs.

They support higher taxes, because they go against the candidate that is for lower taxes.

Let’s look at Robin Vos in particular, the guy who actually won without trying to money launder or whatever the hell Adam Steen and Adrianne Melby were Allegedly doing.

Before we talk about Robin and what he’s done let’s recap the facts

These FakeTriots are AGAINST:

Tax Cuts

Expanded School choice

Several election integrity bills

Protections for biological born girls and women and protecting minors from being mutilated while they may have mental health issues 

The fake patriots, the FakeTriots are against Wisconsin being affordable because they would rather have a democrat then have a republican that doesn’t walk lock and step with them.

Robin Vos says impeachment is still on the table if newly elected Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Janet Protasiewicz and the court’s liberal majority “inject their own political bias” as they hear a lawsuit aimed at overturning the state’s Republican-drawn legislative maps.

The opposers of Robin Vos support Janet Protasiewicz who is pro abortion and will change the voting lines.

Vos is the longest-serving Assembly speaker in state history. He was first chosen by Assembly members for the role in 2013, making him the 75th person to hold the position.

He is the guy that aligns the closest with your ideologies.

But I do see why the FakeTriots that support Tony Evers might hate Robin

Gov. Tony Evers relationship with Robin has long been strained, from making decisions about spending federal government aid during the COVID-19 pandemic to addressing the state’s workforce and child care challenges.

Ali Schweitzer, Aaron Melby, Adrianne Melby and others support higher taxes, they support child endangerment in the workplace because they are so opposed to his work.

Triple A, AdrianneAliAaron are basically Democrats because the don’t work with the guy that won.

The beef is because Robin didn’t return a call, or an email. Or he didn’t support their candidate running for something.

I don’t know, maybe he gets hundreds of emails a week.

The FakeTriots Hate Robin Vos and they love to say I’m paid by him because fake conservatives try to discredit you when the disagree with them like Ali Schweitzer who said Publicly I was a bigot and a misogynist.

 Then Ali Schweitzer has publicly criticized NewsUndone because I won’t use this publication to go after her enemies at Wisconsin Right Now. 

These are text messages sent by her supporting my statement. She even went as far as to say NEWSUNDONE was all Paris Procopis. She used a dead man and his kids to try to incite me to go after Jim and Jessica.

When these people don’t get what they want they lie, kind of like AdamSteen but more like Adrianne and Aaron Melby. Aaron Melby recently attacked my Christianity because I’ve been divorced and attacked my ex wife who I had 20 years with who is a private person was attacked.

This is what I said to Aaron Melby:

According to Aaron Melby and Adrianne Melby if you’ve been divorced you are not conservative. Divorce and money laundering is not the same. Being a Christian is not being a judge.

The reason I am doing this post is to show that you judge. I disagree but I don’t judge. I brought up the crimes your wife was an alleged part in.

My ex wife isn’t a social media person, so to bring her up when you and your wife crave attention is low.

She actually is a private citizen like your criminal wife and you claim to be.

But since you want attention, you are going to get it.

You and your wife said Robin Vos had a love child and that was false.

What’s true is your criminal wife charged thousands of dollars in underwear from Victorias Secrets and didn’t pay for it. She claimed bankruptcy. 

Your wife stole money from moms of liberty 

Your wife said Tunnels under Robin’s Store was used to Traffic kids.

I never talked about how someone in your house put swastikas at the high school. I never talked about how you pretend to be the COO of Melby chiropractic. You ,me and your wife are public, my ex wife of 20 plus years isn’t.

I actually left you and your wife alone. You asked if I fought because I have insecurities, I train because I care about my appearance and my health and because I care about me.

Maybe you and Adrianne should want to not throw shots. People attacked me for stating facts about you, but they discount the hurt you’ve caused and the lies you’ve told, like the things about Robin and his family. A lot of you act like Robin Vos because he is a politician isn’t a person and you are trash human beings for that.

I will take the gloves off, clown you and your wife, talk to those I know, make the audio public once my source is comfortable, and every week do a video or a podcast to expose the kind of Christians/people you both actually are.

Christians don’t judge, and they don’t go after private citizens. Go after me, cool, I covered you and your alleged money laundering wife who I heard on audio saying she would rather drink puke than go to jail.

But don’t go after my kids mom who I was with 20 plus years, she doesn’t do politics you bum. I also can talk about how your wife is manipulating the state for social security . My kids mom actually works and is a survivor for real you bum.

Go hit the gym, don’t make fun of me because I want to stay in shape. I will take 20 years with my kids mom than 20 minutes talking about you two bums.

Stop talking slick before I really go in.

You are a scrub led by your woman, quick question,? Do you still have diarrhea when you 

Get stressed?


I have people you went to school with that hate you so much because you are a bum e-mail me things about you.

Now you or your bum wife can report this post like you do the others when I cyber smack you both. And tell the other scumbag Ali I said hi

I wasn’t kind.

I’ve had my financial problems posted on Social Media because these people don’t like me, BSR Dan from Badger State Resistance posted my address on social media because him and I are not on the same page. He later got on the Ed Delgado show and said that he was wrong.

The solution is to be very vocal about these people destroying the WisGOP.

They are Agents for the Democrats and Tony Evers 




This is From Timothy Johnson

I don’t care who you are, what party you are in, who you represent, or who you support, we need a new Speaker of the House. So much cannot be done without one.

True, I think that the federal government is way too large and when it gets involved in anything, it goes badly. However, none of those changes can be made overnight, so we have to work with what we have and that means having a Speaker.

It is clear that a certain, tiny faction of the GOP in the House will not allow Steve Scalise to be Speaker. They want what they want and are willing to burn down the house to get it. It’s time to not give them what they want.

The following list are Democrats in the House that are in GOP leaning districts (according to Cook PVI, Cook number in parentheses). I think it is time to talk to these folks behind the scenes to see if you can get them to make up the handful of votes needed to get this done:

Mary Peltola AK At Large (R +8)
Sharice Davids KS-3 (R +1)
Jared Golden ME-2 (R +6)
Elissa Slotkin MI-7 (R +2)
Dan Kildee MI-8 (R +1)
Chris Pappas NH-1 (EVEN)
Marcy Kaptur OH-9 (R +3)
Emilia Sykes OH-13 (R +1)
Susan Wild PA-7 (R +2)
Matt Cartwright PA-8 (R +4)
Christopher Deluzio PA-17 (EVEN)

Is this an ideal plan? Of course not. The price will be steep, but I can’t imagine it would be any worse than dealing with the Gaetz Faction. You might find out that a few of these could be persuaded to vote for Scalise with a promise from the GOP to not run a candidate in their district next fall. You never know if you don’t try. What I do know is that the longer this shit show lasts, the worse it gets for all GOP candidates in 2024.

All because Evil Donny Ozmond can’t comprehend compromise.

What a clusterfuck.


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