Tuesday, April 16, 2024

The Dissection of Mayor Chevy Cavalier Johnson


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Proud Black Conservative Truth Teller

Milwaukee’s first Black mayor has been a huge disappointment to the Black Community as well as Milwaukee proper. The need for a conservative mayor is critical. Innocent people are being targeted by rampant crime and violence. I truly think the community is ready now. I hope and pray the Black Community is ready now. I do believe, maybe foolishly, that Blacks have had enough of where we are as opposed as to where we should be. Republicans the clock is clicking. Wake the hell up and send help!!

Mayor Johnson announced his bid re-election for 2024 this week. This should be a call to action for Republicans. We must recruit someone to run a serious campaign against him. Johnson is horrible and Milwaukee needs someone to save us from more of his horrible “leadership.” Already in my email, I received a call for recruits to get his message out. Why do we not have a challenger ready to go?

Johnson touched on a few issues like financial security, crime and safety, investing in our neighborhoods, housing infrastructure and family supporting jobs.

Financial Security– I will never get over Johnson hosting and party for raising taxes! That was enough for me. In this economy people are hurting badly. Now he wants to pour more salt on the wound in celebratory fashion no less? Who thought that would be a good idea? I would be using that signing party as a commercial all by itself to get Johnson voted out.

Milwaukee has a pension problem that is still growing and this needs to be brought to the forefront. Currently the pension is just a reason to raise taxes and beg the state for more money. No one follows the money to see how much of it actually goes to the pension problem and other financial messes socialist mayors have created over the years.

Crime and Safety– I do not feel safer now than when Barrett was screwing things up. I will come to the defense of the Office of Violence Prevention (OVP). Their unseen work is keeping things from getting that much worse. Yes that is correct!! However that is for another posting. We have the Kia Boys and other thug gangs growing and spreading out. We have teens out of control and raising themselves. MPS is a breeding ground for present and future criminals. And we still do not have police back in the schools.

No one wants to drive or walk in urban areas because it is comparable to playing Russian roulette with your life. If people do not want to be in the inner city, downtown, or near south side, they do not want to create businesses in these areas either. The inner city looks like a war zone the further in you go. Crime is spreading and it is not getting better. It is getting worse.

I feel for innocent people who have to conduct business in urban areas. They live life praying they do not become the next victim. Our seniors are easy targets and our babies are getting shot while sitting in their homes. They definitely cannot play outside. What kind of life are we being subjected to? No one is sharing these stories? Local media only covers what they want to cover. Horrendous crime stories go untold. No one follows up on stories. What people live through is utterly unacceptable. When the mayor wanted our votes he got his ass in the streets. Now he only goes into the streets if it is a fluff piece. He needs to have his office in the 53206 zip code.

And just to circle back to the media. We have all these accountability teams and reporters like Contact 6 for example. Where is the media to keep the city more honest in its spending and policies? I will put my life on the fact that the aldermen are voting in raises with their new free money? Only when the media needs clicks or ratings do they do in depth reporting. Why the hell is that? People need to know what might be coming their direction.

Alderman Johnson oversaw many of these issues. Hell he helped create some of these issues. He never was part of the solution before. I guess I knew he would not be the change we needed now. I had hope but very early on I saw that he would be ineffective. He did get his brother free from serious charges so that is one victory. Oops did I say that??!!

I am praying the Republicans are vetting someone who will share a solid conservative message hitting on all these things. We can bring about change this city needs. Canvassing for the left has already started and we are already way behind. Let’s go!!

Peace Family,



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