Sunday, July 14, 2024

The Attack on Tesla Is Dishonesty, More Nonsense From my Side of The Isle


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I see a lot of people mad about Teslas. There is alot of dishonesty surrounding why some people hate them. I believe in being transparent, this is where some of my right wing friends get mad…… hear we go, get it, HEAR WE GO……. Not here, and the electric car is silent…….. nevermind, bad drive towards humor.

On with the piece

My old school friends don’t like the car because they can’t work on it. I have friends that own garages that say Tesla owners got brainwashed.

My car drives the exact same as it did since I started driving it. And the same way since my wife purchased it in 2018

It’s a very dishonest argument to say Teslas are not good because they put Americans out of work. Elon Musk actually helped the country.

I’m a guy who leans to the right and likes most republican candidates. I’m here to tell you that you can have gas and electric.

Consumer Reports States:

Tesla is an American company focused on building electric vehicles. It launched with a Lotus-derived roadster, followed by the Model S hatchback and Model X SUV.

These latter vehicles are known for impressive driving range and technological innovation, particularly in regards to ongoing improvements through over-the-air updates and driver-assist systems.

The Model S has an estimated range of more than 400-miles, but the controls are extremely distracting and unintuitive. The smaller, lower-priced Model 3 sedan and Model Y crossover have broadened the brand’s appeal.

Tesla models benefit from quick and seamless charging at Tesla Superchargers conveniently located at many highway rest areas. Reliability, though improved, still remains a concern.

What does it mean?

Worth The Buy………… Hell yes!!!!


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