Friday, March 24, 2023

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Making Lemonade: Record turnout, the New Era, the End of the Walker Machine, and What’s Next

Well, here we are, the stage is set. While I am absolutely thrilled that Tim Michels prevailed, because I supported him in the primaries, I recognize that this means nothing in the grand scheme of things. This is merely our Omaha Beach, we still have to climb that hill while being shelled from every direction. We have only gained a few inches when we have hundreds of miles to go in order to win.

Holding Out for a Hero, So We Can Retire the Zero

While I will support the winner of the primary, I am unapologetically supporting Tim Michels for Governor. I am thrilled that I have moved to sitting out the primary to having a candidate I am happy to vote for.

Kleefisch Receives Big Bucks From ‘Snakes & Weasels’, I mean Lobbyists; who are Pushing a Sales Tax Increase 

Why is Rebecca Kleefisch accepting a major donation from a swampy special interest group like MMAC that is lobbying to increase the sales tax in Milwaukee and beyond? The MMAC’s sales tax policy proposal would harm hardworking Wisconsinites during tough economic times. Kleefisch and her aligned PAC are the only recipients in the Governor's race to receive donations from MMAC. 

Kleefisch Breaks Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED IN WISCONSIN CONSERVATIVE DIGEST, June 27, 2022 In a competitive primary, President Ronald Reagan popularized the 11th commandment in Republican politics: Thou shalt not...

Support your Primary Candidate, then Support the Winner, Lest Your ‘Principles’ Mean Nothing

Originally Published in Wisconsin Right Now While watching what’s been going on and being said regarding our governor’s race this year, I am absolutely haunted...