Sunday, September 25, 2022

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Where’s Rebecca?

But now the time has come to get out and openly support Tim Michels. She doesn’t have to be out there campaigning every weekend; social media works wonders.  She could encourage her donors to contribute to Michels, and her grassroots supporters to help Michels. She can talk about how bad another four years of Tony Evers would be.

Making Lemonade: Record turnout, the New Era, the End of the Walker Machine, and What’s Next

Well, here we are, the stage is set. While I am absolutely thrilled that Tim Michels prevailed, because I supported him in the primaries, I recognize that this means nothing in the grand scheme of things. This is merely our Omaha Beach, we still have to climb that hill while being shelled from every direction. We have only gained a few inches when we have hundreds of miles to go in order to win.

Time for Conservatives Stand UNITED

Honestly, I asked the Michels supporters who are near-and-dear to me to talk me out of voting for Rebecca and talk me into Voting Michels. They did not succeed pre-primary. I was not a Michaels supporter, I was a Rebecca supporter, and although I hate to see my candidate lose, as of this moment, Michels is now my gubernatorial candidate of choice. We all need to stand behind the same candidate or we WILL lose.

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