Sunday, June 16, 2024

Stop Being Followers


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It’s crazy how political parties now, specifically, is that one side is so right and don’t care about a conflicting opinion. Everything is so divisive. People are mean to each other and say things they would never say to someone face to face. Like the opinions about going on in Palestine and Israel, the best way to solve the problems over there would be for Palestine to stop attacking Israel. I don’t root for war and I got attacked by some of my Rightwing  friends and when I say friends I’m not saying that to joke, I really do have friends on the right , and I have friends that are Democrats.

Remember, don’t think that one side is better than the other one. Vote for you in general, remember that when you read things from me and other people and remember the people that like to call themselves experts generally aren’t. 

Those people are expert in their opinion or expert on their opinions .

I said this a year ago, people don’t like to be wrong and they don’t like to look foolish.

They will double down on President Donald J. Trump, him being a felon doesn’t matter, his team actually falsifying business documents doesn’t matter. Doesn’t matter about mismanagement of covid, doesn’t matter about the surplus checks and PPE Loan money stolen on his watch and that was part of the reason why President Biden got the IRS Agents

I’m having a good time with people telling me that Trump is persecuted but can’t give me the reason he is being attacked.

President Joe Biden hasn’t really looked good and with the economy having horrible inflation, retail businesses bankrupting, home prices skyrocketing, credit cards being used more than ever, cars being more expensive than ever and allegedly being in business with China and selling favors……………….

These are the two worst presidents ever.


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