Monday, May 20, 2024

So It’s Toss Vos and Support a Money Launderer and A Fake Patriot?


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Assembly Speaker Vos says he won’t start impeachment of top elections official amid lawsuit. I understand where my conservative friends are coming from.

But I don’t understand some of them supporting a guy who took part in campaign fraud and having evidence that he knew what he was doing.

I like to go deeper, part of the hate for Robin is the fact he didn’t side with President Trump. True fighters don’t act on emotion, they use logic. 

I admire the work of patriots across the state and I get it. I personally don’t like everyone but I do respect their purpose.

Ali Schweitzer went to a school board meeting and exposed what evil those people were doing in regard to the indoctrination  of children. 

BSR Dan from Badger State Resistance has a large platform that thousands follow on a regular basis.

You Have David D King who uses a powerful voice to promote Gods Will on a wide scale.

Ed Delgado of the Ed Delgado show does his part to lend his platform out for politicians and people in political media to speak.

Mike Grajeda is Mike Is Always Right on the internet and he interviews politicians and gives great insight.

I won’t include Adrianne Melby or Adam Steen because they made right leaning people look horrible participating in fraud. They both are criminals.

Wisconsin has soldiers in this fight. Robin Vos is not everyones favorite, I understand but I don’t get it.

He historically has voted pretty consistently on the right side of the isle. I wonder if the same people that hate him so much have put in this much energy into bettering their lives to better their situation.

Have these guys ever stood up to their boss at work? Are they just complainers but offer no solutions?

I want to work with someone who won the election. I will work with someone who everyone doesn’t like and see what happens. 

All Robin said was that the law will handle it. Maybe he doesn’t want it to be a distraction.

Maybe he is taking the quiet approach. I feel bad for both sides, all the bickering gets nothing accomplished.

Robin is still there and it may be time to reach out the right way. Because supporting a woman complicit with money laundering makes our side look like the real cheaters.


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