Thursday, November 30, 2023

Sen. Steve Nass calls out Gov. Evers latest power grab


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Conservative firebrand, Senator Steve Nass (R-Whitewater) went off on Gov. Evers latest power grab and using the newly enacted progressive Supreme Court to kill legislative oversight and empowering the bureaucracy that rivals a Soviet Republic.

Nass response is a reaction to Gov. Evers suing legislative Republicans for not funding far left UW System employees. Evers is bypassing the lower courts and going right to his bought and hired Supreme Court justices. Nass has been spot on about the UW System for many years. His advice has went on deaf ears for too many years and we are dealing with the consequences.

Nass statement was strong, and also direct at Republicans who he says has not responded strong enough to Evers. Nass statement failed in one part- the UW system employees should not get a raise on the merits. The UW System does not prepare students for the workforce, can’t recruit students to join, raising cost on students, and push DEI, CRT and Marxism down the throats of its students. Why would we give college professors a dime more?

In an economy where the middle class is seeing job losses, wage stagnation combined with record inflation, taxpayers should not be subsidizing pay increases for UW Employees. In short, we should not fund incompetency, we should not fund Marxism, we should not be funding the anti-semitism running rampant on campuses, and we should not be funding professors who are not preparing students for the real world. If the UW System employees were a marketplace, we would ascribe what they do as a market failure- a massive market failure. Republicans: do not fund market failures.

Evers power grab sets a really dangerous precedent and crushed the legislature powers of the purse. We anticipate stronger responses and policy reactions from Speaker Vos and Majority Leader Devin LaMaheiu. Both have a vested interested in protecting their most important constitutional power. Please read Senator Steve Nass statement here:

Senator Steve Nass (R-Whitewater) issued the following statement regarding Governor Evers’ legal challenge to gut legislative oversight powers and dramatically empower unelected state agency bureaucrats:  

      “In Wisconsin, we are witnessing a radical power grab by Tony Evers and his leftist allies on the Wisconsin Supreme Court to empower unelected state bureaucrats and minimize the constitutional oversight powers of elected state legislators.”

      “The legislature has been successfully utilizing our constitutional and statutory powers to fight the extremist policies of the Evers Administration and Wisconsin Democrats as they utilize executive branch bureaucracies to enact all forms of socialist policies.”

      “As some Republican leaders and members continue to show weakness in response to the escalating liberal power grabs, the people of Wisconsin are left helpless as the radical governor and State Supreme Court majority take unprecedented control over their daily lives and prosperity.” 



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