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Schoolahoop Launches Across Wisconsin to Help Parents Choose Schools

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Wisconsin families have a new tool called Schoolahoop that will help make them aware of the educational opportunities available to them, according to Nic Kelly, President, School Choice Wisconsin (SCW)


Schoolahoop is a school finder that helps parents discover and explore educational options based on what is important to their family.  It was developed by Lincoln Studio after its research showed that four in five parents were unaware of any option except their local public school.

Lincoln Studio and School Choice Wisconsin are working as partners to make Schoolahoop available to all Wisconsin families, just as enrollment is underway for next year. Lincoln Studio developed the tool after its research showed that four out of five families do not know what options exist and therefore do not ask about them.

Schoolahoop will allow parents to compare and find local schools that fit their child’s educational needs. A feature called Scholarship Discover also will allow parents to determine if they qualify for Wisconsin parental choice program and if not, what other scholarship assistance might be available.

Parents who want more information will be sent to the experienced staff at SCW to assist them with questions. “We are the “boots on the ground” for Wisconsin parents who need more information about their options,” Kelly said.


Schoolahoop explains to parents the different options available, including open enrollment in other public districts, private schools, and charter schools.  Many parents don’t understand these differences and believe these options are not available to their children or that they cost too much. 

It is user friendly.  It introduces parents to a real person at a school in which the family is interested.  One high-value features is a quiz parents can take to show which scholarships are available to their child and which schools accept those scholarships.

Schoolahoop is available in Wisconsin thanks to a grant from The Bradley Foundation.  Other organizations including the Badger Institute, the Institute for Government Reform, and Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce will offer access through their websites.

Please see Schoolahoop FAQ | School Choice Wisconsin for frequently asked questions.

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