Sunday, July 14, 2024

Ron Johnson Staffer Orlando Owens Puts Picture of Black Woman Wearing a Bonnet and Pajamas on Facebook


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In the words of Ice Cube “ Here’s what they think about you.”

I heard two world leaders talk about black jobs. I thought jobs were American jobs. We try to keep things more sports as of late because of the toxicity of politics.

But then I see Ron Johnson staffer Orlando Owens post a picture of a black women wearing a bonnet holding a Fredrick Douglas flyer.

The picture was unflattering to me. The reason I didn’t like it is because African Americans sometimes were photographed in unflattering ways.

Orlando Owens is very good in his work he does with finding people jobs. He does work in the community, and some of it is good.

But with the divisive nature of the third of the Republican Party he is part of don’t operate in a consistent way.

They believe in God but they judge those that are different. They incite, get disrespectful and when confronted become victims, sort of like when Ashanti Hamilton and him had words and when they were face to face the police were called by Orlando.

It is clear he is making a path to run again. But he doesn’t want to work with Hilario Deleon and other republicans because he feels he has to be the one in front.

Hilario was told that he doesn’t know much about black people and Hilario has a black sister, Orlando told him that she is adopted so she isn’t his real sister.

He has a history of this.

How many more mishaps does Orlando has to have before Ron Johnson cuts ties?


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