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Biden By The Numbers is Horrific President Trump AKA The Solution The Answer Is Very Clear


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Overall during President Bidens first 29 months in office, the Consumer Price Index  rose 15.7%.


It was for a time the worst inflation in decades. The 12 months ending in June of last year saw a 9.1% increase in the CPI (before seasonal adjustment), which the Bureau of Labor Statistics said was the biggest such increase since the 12 months ending in November 1981.

But now inflation is trending down. The CPI rose 3.1% in the 12 months ending June of this year and 0.2% in June itself.


The price of gasoline has gyrated wildly under Biden at the pump soared to a record high of just over $5 per gallon (in the week ending June 13, 2022)


During the first year and a half of his administration, the national average price of regular gasoline , propelled by motorists resuming travel after pandemic lockdowns and then by Russia’s invasion  of Ukraine on Feb. 24, 2022 

But then the price drifted down to a low of $3.09 the week ending Dec. 26, 2022, crept back up to $3.66 for

 the last two weeks in April, and then sank to $3.60 in the week ending July 24, the most recent on record.

That’s $1.22 higher than in the week before Biden took office, an increase of 51.2%.


Wages also have gone up under Biden, but not as fast as prices.

Average weekly earnings for rank-and-file workers went up 12.2% during Biden’s first 29 months in office, according to monthly figures compiled by the BLS. 


Those production and nonsupervisory workers make up 81% of all employees in the private sector. 


But inflation ate up all that gain and more. “Real” weekly earnings, which are adjusted for inflation and measured in dollars valued at their average level in 1982-84, actually 

declined 3.4%  since Biden took office.



Corporate Profits

Under Biden, corporate profits set new records in 2021 and 2022 — but have declined in the last three consecutive quarters.


After-tax corporate profits increased for the seventh consecutive year in 2022, reaching a new high of $2.87 trillion (according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis. The record, though, came despite a decline in growth in the last two quarters of the year.

The slide continued in the first quarter of this year. After-tax corporate profits in the first quarter were estimated at an annual rate of nearly $2.69 trillion — down from $2.72 trillion in the last quarter of 2022 and $2.89 trillion in the third quarter of 2022, 

according to 

 the BEA.

In its mid year economic outlook report , Wells Fargo Investment Institute said corporations are already experiencing an “earnings recession” that will last through this year.

“Profits should rebound through 2024, as the economic recovery gradually takes hold, but corporate earnings may not recapture their 2022 peak until early 2025,” the report said.

Even with the recent decline in growth, corporate profits in the first quarter were 21.5% higher than the full-year figure for 2020, the year before Biden took office,as estimated by the BEA.

The New York Post is reporting 

A jaw-dropping 3.8 million people have entered the United States through its borders since President Joe Biden took office in 2021 — nearly half of whom slipped into the country illegally and were never caught.

The number of cases has completely overwhelmed the court system, leading to a nearly 2.7 million backlog in Immigration Court cases still pending, according to TRAC.

After crossing the border, the migrants have been dispersed across all fifty states, but in the past year four states have borne the brunt of the crisis — Texas with 170,475 people California with 165,186, Florida at 152,048, and New York with 145,690.

All of that compiled data means what? I think it means we need a Fiscal conservative in office. 

At NewsUndone our goal is to be fair and transparent. I will start with myself, I am a fiscal conservative and I usually vote for republican candidates because I like their policies.

With that said, we give President Joe Biden an F for the border disaster alone. That is an issue that affects everyone and it is a security concern.

What is President Trump’s position on the border ?

Pew Research stated in 2020

Donald Trump has long pushed for a tougher approach on illegal immigration, both on the U.S.-Mexico border and elsewhere in the country. 

As a candidate for president, Trump pledged to build a border wall to reduce illegal crossings.


 And shortly after being elected, Trump said his administration would deport 

 as many as 3 million unauthorized immigrants with criminal records living in the United States.


What does DeSantis say about immigration?

Governor Ron DeSantis Signs Strongest Anti-Illegal Immigration Legislation in the Country to Combat Biden’s Border Crisis. JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Governor Ron DeSantis signed Senate Bill 1718 to combat the dangerous effects of illegal immigration caused by the federal government’s reckless border policies as of May 10, 2023

According to Politico these are the key takeaways from President Biden’s position on Illegal Immigration:




1. Under Joe Biden, America is facing the worst border crisis in our history.

2. President Biden has undermined America’s border security and the integrity of our immigration

system at every turn.

3. Biden’s border policies are creating a growing national security crisis, and threatening the safety of

Americans across the country.


A. America is facing a historic crisis at its southern border under President Biden.

Under Biden’s immigration policies, illegal border crossings have soared to all-time highs.

• In Fiscal Year 2021 alone, U.S. Customs and Border Protection experienced 1.7 million encounters with aliens at the southern border, the highest number ever recorded in a single year.

• That number does not include people who evaded border patrol officers.

According to the internal Border Patrol estimates from January through August of 2021, more

then 273,000 migrants avoided apprehension and entered our country illegally. o These are new records.

Fiscal Year 2022 is already sharply outpacing 2021’s record-breaking numbers.

• U.S. Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz anticipates in the next few days, the U.S. will hit one million encounters with migrants attempting to illegally cross our Southern border since October 1.

• That’s one million encounters in the last six months, outpacing last year’s record-breaking numbers.

• Last month, CBP encountered nearly 165,000 illegal immigrants at the border.

  That was the highest total for February in the Department of Homeland Security’s history.

• For the last 12 months in a row, there have been over 150,000 encounters at the Southern border; eight of which broke records.

B. With Title 42 ending, Biden officials warn: a border surge is coming.

Biden’s own officials are warning the crisis at the Southern Border will get worse as Title 42 expires.

• DHS Office of Intelligence anticipates as many as 1 million immigrants could cross the Southern Border in 6 weeks if the Biden administration rescinds Title 42 in April.

Department of Homeland Security intelligence estimates 25,000 migrants are already in

Mexican shelters just south of the border, waiting for Title 42 to end.

 The number of people attempting to enter the U.S. illegally from Mexico is already rising, as

migrants and cartels that smuggle people into the U.S. anticipate the coming change in policy.

 “Intel stats [show that] there are tens of thousands just waiting in Mexico for it to end. [Border Patrol] capacity will be reached in a few days and we will be forced to release subjects on the street,” a senior Border Patrol official wrote. “This will cause even more to flood across the border. We will see something we have never seen before. The border will be open for narcotics to cross since everyone will be processing.”

• Even Democrat Senators Mark Kelly and Kyrsten Sinema are telling President Biden not to end Title 42, writing: “we urge you to continue providing additional border management and security resources to Arizona so that our border communities do not have to bear any unnecessary burdens from Title 42 changes.”

 1.Senate Republican Conference



A. Biden created this border crisis.

In Biden’s first 100 days in office, he took more than 94 executive actions on immigration. Those actions included:

1. Stopping the construction of the border wall.

2. Attempting to halt deportations for 100 days.

3. Suspending new enrollments in Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP, aka “Remain in Mexico”).

4. Terminating Asylum Cooperative Agreements (ACAs) with Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador.

5. Ending Prompt Asylum Case Review (PACR) for non-Mexicans, and Humanitarian Asylum Review

Program (HARP), for Mexicans.

Now he’s going even further.

B. Right now, the Biden administration is actively eliminating almost every tool America has to secure our Southern border in the face of the worst border crisis in U.S. history.

1. Biden’s new FY2023 budget proposes cutting border security funding.

2. He’s ending Title 42.

3. He’s fighting to end “Remain in Mexico” at the Supreme Court.

4. He’s giving USCIS officials the authority to grant asylum to migrants who cross the border without an

immigration court/judge reviewing that claim.

a. This will likely lead to an increase in granting asylum to individuals with frivolous claims.

b. Migrants who have their claim denied will still be allowed to appeal that decision to an

immigration court and remain in the U.S. while the appeal is pending.

5. He’s undermining immigration enforcement (ICE) in America with a flurry of bad policies, including:

a. Rolling back the scope of DHS’s expedited removal authority.

b. Limiting ICE’s immigration enforcement activities.

i. In early March, the Biden administration released FY2021 ICE enforcement data after months of delaying the annual, public-facing report.

ii. The report revealed the lowest number of removals and arrests in the history of ICE, while still omitting standard data that is generally included this annual report.

iii. One ICE officer called the arrest and removal numbers “an acknowledgment that ICE officials are being paid not to do their job.”

iv. Under Biden, ICE:

1. Arrested 48% fewer convicted criminals

2. Deported 63% fewer criminals; and

3. Issued 46% fewer ‘detainer requests to other’ law enforcement agencies” in FY

2021 compared to FY 2020.

4. On deportations, ERO recorded “just 39,149 convicts removed in 2021 — down

62% compared to 2020, when 103,762 convicts were ousted, and far below the

pre-COVID rate of 2019, when 150,141 convicts were removed.”

v. It’s little surprise the Biden administration was slow to release the FY2021 ICE ERO report.

1. Deportations have dropped by 70 percent since the pandemic.

2. ICE agents are averaging fewer than one arrest per month.

These policy changes will be detrimental to America’s border security. (See below)

Senate Republican Conference




A. This administration’s open border policies are fueling criminal activity and abuses by cartels facilitating illegal border crossings.

According to a 2020 report from Doctors Without Borders: Over 57% of interviewed migrants and asylum seekers (attempting to cross the Southern border illegally) experienced some type of violence, including cases of assault, extortion, torture, and sexual assault.

• These crimes are devastating and directly result from the administration’s signal to the world that

our nation’s borders are open.

B. Ending Title 42 knowing it will lead to a surge of illegal immigration that overwhelms America’s border enforcement.

Border surges swamp CBP’s ability to process, transport, and care for those aliens, let alone perform its other duties like stopping drugs and terrorists at the border.

• In February, 634 pounds of deadly fentanyl and 12,500 pounds of methamphetamine were seized at the border. This is enough to kill every man, woman, and child in this country.

• Since October, the El Paso sector has encountered more than 240 illegal immigrants with criminal and gang affiliations.

C. Changing America’s standards for granting asylum to those illegally entering the U.S. undermines America’s immigration laws and standards.

Right now, Biden is creating a program that will result in a rubber stamp for often frivolous asylum claims made by illegal immigrants at the border.

• This will make it possible for many illegal immigrants who enter the U.S. illegally with questionable asylum claims to gain a green card within a year of illegally entering the U.S., without any court date or hearing before an immigration judge.

• Under this program, USCIS officials will have the authority to grant asylum status (and thus an eventual path to citizenship) to migrants who illegally cross the border and assert a claim for asylum.

D. Limiting immigration enforcement in America undermines public safety.

The Biden administration has intentionally limited immigration enforcement in America, leading to record-low immigration enforcement in the last year.

 ICE arrests of illegal aliens in 2021 for crimes including homicide-related offenses, sexual assaults, robberies, and kidnappings were all down significantly from the previous two years.

 Another alarming revelation in the report is “34 [deported criminals] were designated as known or suspected terrorists.”

• Ending Border enforcement programs puts unaccompanied children at risk; the Biden administration has lost nearly 20,000 of these kids.

 Customs and Border Patrol is on track to apprehend more than 150,000 kids in FY 2022.

 These children have been released into the United States with limited oversight.

HHS recently revealed that it has been unable to get in touch with nearly 20,000 sponsors to

whom it had released UACs.

When the Trump administration had the same issue (on less than a tenth of scale) in 2018, USA

Today trumpeted the headline: “The feds lost — yes, lost — 1,475 migrant children.” Biden has lost more than 10 times that number of children—with no media outrage.

3. Senate Republican Conference

E. Ending the “Remain in Mexico” program empowers cartels to continue drug trafficking and human smuggling.

On April 26th, the Biden administration will argue before the Supreme Court to end America’s “Remain in Mexico” (Migrant Protection Protocol program).

• This is a Trump-era program requiring those who illegally cross America’s southern border and

claiming asylum to wait in Mexico for decisions in their U.S. immigration cases.

• Testifying before Congress on the importance of Remain in Mexico, a DHS official told lawmakers:

“Policies like MPP and Title 42 kept the situation at the border under control.”

“Biden administration’s reversal of these policies chipped away at the progress made securing

the border under the previous administration to make a political statement while putting public

safety at risk.”

• The Biden administration has already attempted to end the “Remain in Mexico” once and is only implementing a scaled-down version of the program now because it is under a court order to do so.

• It is this order that the administration is in the process of appealing.

Ending this program puts migrant families at risk of being exploited by cartels.

• Cartels earn up to $6 billion a year from smuggling migrants into the U.S., according to John Condon,

a senior DHS official, who appeared before the House Homeland Security Committee’s oversight


• Testifying before Congress a DHS official from Arizona told lawmakers:

 “Transnational criminal organizations routinely treat vulnerable humans as transactional and reusable goods. Therefore, having a patchworked and mismanaged approach to border security policy, including MPP, is not only insufficient but irresponsible.

 “The temporary repeal of MPP and similar policies have put vulnerable children in danger.

 “One family spent six hours in a storm on a small boat, with kids getting horribly sick. The family

was kidnapped by a drug cartel and forced to pay a ransom to live during the journey.”

F. Weak enforcement of America’s Southern border will further the drug overdose and fentanyl crisis in the U.S.

Drug overdose deaths, fueled by fentanyl, hit a record high in the U.S. last year.

• Over 104,000 Americans died from drug overdoses over a the 12-month period ending in September

2021, the highest ever recorded, according to CDC data.

• This is the sharpest annual increase in overdose deaths in at least three decades; driven by the

proliferation of fentanyl.

• Overdoses from fentanyl have become the leading cause of death for Americans ages 18 to 45. Fentanyl is often made by cartels in Mexico with chemicals from China, according to the DEA.

• In FY2021 CBP seized over 10,500 pounds (a record amount) of fentanyl coming through the U.S.

Southern border. A lethal dose of fentanyl is 2mg.

• “The federal government estimates that one kilogram of fentanyl is equivalent to

500,000 lethal doses, making last year’s seizure equal to 2.5 billion fatal doses.”

In January 2021, CBP reported a “substantial increase” in fentanyl seizures at the southern border with 839 lbs seized compared to 682 lbs in FY 2021.

• So far, CBP has seized over 3,900 pounds of fentanyl at the Southern border in FY22, nearly

matching pace with the amounts seized in FY2021.

Fentanyl is so dangerous that now, a bipartisan group of former senior national security officials is urging Biden to declare fentanyl and its chemical analogues “weapons of mass destruction.”

• Cartels are bringing these drugs across our border every day.

• They don’t stay on the border. Every state in the Union has experienced deaths from these drugs.

Biden By The Numbers

Data Provided by New York Post, Washington Times, Politico


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