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Paris Procopis and the Future of News Undone


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On Tuesday, June 13, 2023 we lost NewsUndone founder and editor, Paris Procopis. We lost a great friend, a conservative icon, a confidante, a blogger, the smile in the room that everyone gravitated towards. His children lost their Dad. 

In his lifetime Paris was a joyful, invigorating, dominating presence and it was easy to fall in love with his open heart and tremendous personality. His steadfast ability to make you feel as if you were the only person in the room was something uniquely Paris. He set himself on a mission to heal this broken state and he worked relentlessly at it. It was his quest to educate those falling into the trap of progressivism. A heavy topic, yet, Paris was able to pursue this with a lightness of spirit that seemed effortless.

Chris Lawrence, Ian Jordan, and I were all close friends of Paris. We each worked with Paris on separate, various projects throughout the years. The Procopis family has expressed to us, among others, the need to keep News Undone alive. Each of us, for our own reasons and faithful obligation to our friend Paris, are happy to do our best to keep the site alive and moving. How that looks remains to be seen. We will keep our readers updated and will seek for contributors who are willing to write and foster a healthy debate on the conservative cause we care about. The platform Paris created was never designed to be a silo, but to be a place were writers from different conservative perspectives offer their opinions and convince readers of their view. For example, Chris and Paris often debate conservative social issues where their was separation on their perspectives. Instead of shutting each other off, they debated the issues with context, evidence, and persuaded people to their cause. This is what Paris was about and what News Undone will be about. The site goal will stay as Paris intended.

To paraphrase the beautiful words of EE Cummings – We carry you in our souls with us, We carry your soul in our souls. Anywhere we go you go and whatever is done by us you do with us. We fear no fate for you are guiding our fate. We carry your soul, We carry your soul in our souls. 

There will come a time when we will see Paris again, all the weariness gone, clear of mind, strong and smiling, always smiling. The pain and sorrow of his passing gone forever. Until that day comes may God bless Paris Procopis, and those of us he left behind.

I will miss you, Paris. RIP!

Stay Sassy,
Alexandra Schweitzer


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