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Parental Alienation isn’t defined as a crime In Most Cases, But That’s going to Change


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Wisconsin statutes authorize the court to consider alienation as a factor in its custody and placement determinations, but the primary goal remains to promote the best interests of the child.

Does California Recognize Parental Alienation?
California does not consider parental alienation a crime. However, evidence of parental alienation can impact custody and visitation court orders. 

California courts do not favor parental alienation and will change court orders in favor of the alienated parent.

Sadly, experts tell us this strategy almost always backfires in the end, and children eventually realize, even if just subconsciously, what was done and resent the parent who engaged in alienation. There is a full degree of the seriousness of parental alienation.

Sadly, experts tell us this strategy almost always backfires in the end, and children eventually realize, even if just subconsciously, what was done and resent the parent who engaged in alienation. There is a full degree of the seriousness of parental alienation.

What’s scary is that parental alienation isn’t a punishable offense in Wisconsin, we are going change that.

I believe parental alienation should be time in jail, period.

Quote from

Rejected as a psychiatric disorder

Parental alienation is a fairly recent idea, conceived in the 1980s by a psychiatrist, Dr. Richard Gardner, who argued that divorcing mothers, desperate to win custody suits, were brainwashing children against their fathers. In “severe” cases, Gardner wrote, children with “parental alienation syndrome” must be removed from their mothers, transferred to the care of their fathers, and reeducated through what he called “threat therapy.” 

Alienation has never been accepted as a psychiatric disorder by the medical establishment. Yet today, mental-health practitioners across the United States assess and treat it, particularly those who specialize in custody cases. Many of them collaborate closely, attending the same conferences, following the same protocols, and citing the same papers. Some run reunification programs like Family Bridges; others offer family therapy or produce custody evaluations for family courts.

Influenced by these experts, many judges have given the unproven concept the force of law.

Though most custody cases settle out of court, in a small fraction parents don’t come to terms. In some of these contested cases, one parent accuses the other of alienating the children. The most intense disputes arise in cases where one parent alleges spousal or child abuse and the other responds with a claim of alienation.

But alienation claims are highly gendered. Men level the accusation against women nearly six times as often as women level it against men, one study suggests. That landmark study, published in 2020, found that in cases when mothers alleged abuse and fathers responded by claiming alienation, the mothers stood a startlingly high chance of losing custody.

Occasionally, parents accused of alienation are cut off from their children altogether. Since 2000, judges have sent at least 600 children to reunification programs that recommend the temporary exile of the trusted parent, a collaborative investigation by Insider and Type Investigations revealed. 

While the programs suggest a “no-contact period” of 90 days, this term is routinely extended and may last years, according to an analysis of tens of thousands of pages of court papers and program records.

The treatment typically starts with a four-day workshop for children and the parent they’ve rejected; aftercare can add months or years. Children may be seized for the workshop by force, with no opportunity for goodbyes. 

Former participants at Family Bridges and a similar program, Turning Points for Families, said they were taught that their memories were unreliable, the parent they preferred was harmful, and the parent they’d rejected was loving and safe. In some cases, participants who resisted these lessons said they were verbally threatened; at Family Bridges, a few were threatened with institutionalization. Some participants said they ended up depressed and suicidal.

A Son to a Mother

My son showed me this today from a book About Love….he has been alienated from his sister for over 4 years and recently stood up and pushed through barriers to find her and they have reunited and are rebuilding…♥️

To lose a child or family member to alienation is one of the most horrific and traumatizing life events for many reasons…

First of all, there is no healing or grieving, because we are not supposed to let go and accept an abduction. We ate supposed to stand up and protect all children from harm, abuse and definitely from crimes such as Custodial Interference, Parental Kidnapping, Parental Abduction, Falsification of Serious Allegations to benefit court, etc.

Second, there is no grieving or empathy from our community because there is no resolution, no one wats to get involved to stop the abuse so no one wants to acknowledge the serious damages.

Third, there is no justice to the crimes of Parental Abduction so a learned helplessness is developed in the victims to cope and sustain amid the daily taking of one’s child….

This causes victims of severe alienation abuse and crimes to stop loving as a last attempt to survive. 

I am so overjoyed to see my son, reaching out to be vulnerable again, and seeing how far we have come in healing, the trauma that we went through together and to see that he is able to feel love again is so inspiring! 

My message to all of you who have endured severe alienation abuse, or other forms of family trauma… yes, take time to heal and protect yourself, and to stop the abuse, but also take time to love, love yourself and love everyone who matters in your life who loves you. 

Make loving a priority, and find a way to channel it into a Purpose… My message is to never let the abusers take away your profound power to love.


Almost Everyone is affected by this crime, the only person that it doesn’t affect is the selfish person that uses a child to exact revenge on the other parent.


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