Thursday, November 30, 2023

Oshkosh Is only Going to Charge Fire Fighter 6years For Attempted Murder of a 2 Month Old


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There is a war on our children. How is attempting to murder a 2 month old only going to get you a max of 6 years in jail. We are the voice for this defenseless infant. Oshkosh you need to turn this into a major story because this is a travesty of justice. I believe Wisconsin needs the death penalty for crimes of this nature.

Here is the story 

The 2-month-old infant was flown to Children’s Wisconsin ( hospital in Milwaukee with “significant injuries” 39-year-old     Michael Ormond was arrested on suspicion of physical abuse to a child causing great bodily harm after a suspected child abuse incident.

Oshkosh Police Department


said in a news release Sept. 8 it’s investigating a child abuse incident that took place at a residence in the 1200 block of South Westhaven.

The Oshkosh Fire Department answered a call for a weak and pale infant on the 1200-block of S. Westhaven Thursday afternoon around 4 o’clock. The baby was airlifted to a hospital in Milwaukee.

At 9 o’clock, Oshkosh police were told the baby had injuries consistent with child abuse.

Officers spoke with medical personnel and Winnebago County Department of Human Services staff before arresting the man on suspicion of Physical Abuse to a Child Causing Great Bodily Harm. The crime carries up to 6 years in prison if he’s charged and convicted.

Let’s go over the details of what happened detailed by

Firefighter Allegedly Confessed to Brutal Abuse of Infant, Said He Got ‘Runner’s High’ from It

Michael Ormond, 39, said he was triggered by the baby’s crying, according to a criminal complaint

A Wisconsin man was charged with child abuse after he allegedly told authorities he got a “runner’s high” from hurting a 2-month-old baby, according to a criminal complaint reviewed by PEOPLE.

A police officer responded to a Wisconsin children’s hospital Sept. 7 after a 2-month-old, who had been born premature and spent over a month in the NICU, was admitted with bruises all over his body and a brain bleed, the complaint states.

The responding officer spoke with Michael Ormond, 39, who then allegedly admitted he had thoughts about hurting the baby, per the complaint. He allegedly told police he would squeeze the baby’s legs, arms, neck and face and would pinch his toes, saying he was upset with the baby’s crying, the complaint states.

After that incident, the complaint states, the baby went limp and Ormond called 911. 

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The complaint alleges that Ormond also admitted to spanking the baby three times the morning of the day the child was taken to the hospital. 

“I just gave three whacks, I don’t know wh

y,” Ormond allegedly said, according to the complaint.

Ormond, the complaint alleges, told police that he has anger issues and that the infant’s crying triggers him, before mentioning the “runner’s high.” 

The complaint goes on to allege that Ormond said he only had issues with the children between 0 and 9 months. 

According to the complaint, the baby suffered from a “subdural hematoma, bruising to bilateral upper and lower extremities, lower abdomen, left cheek, left and right upper eyelids, left chest, scrotum, extensive bruising to bilateral buttocks extending down later perianal areas as well as a right medial subconjunctival hemorrhage.”

The 2-month-old’s retina had numerous hemorrhages and an MRI revealed massive brain bleeding, per the complaint, and that he had to be flown to a children’s hospital in Milwaukee.

FOX 11 (

It is  reported that Ormond had been a firefighter in Oshkosh but was no longer employed by the department.


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