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Orlando Owens : MAGA’s Dancing Bear


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Politician Orlando Owens who I was pretty cool with called me a bitch in front of multiple people on an Instagram Live. I am not a MAGA republican, doesn’t mean I don’t like your policies Republican Party, I just don’t like some of your candidates.

We use to be cool until the Rebecca Kleefisch race.

He also said some stuff about a fellow Republican that I won’t put in this article.

Ever since then he has went at my dead business partner and the guy that started NewsUndone Paris Procopis. He threatened me on this Instagram live, and I wish I would’ve recorded it lol !!!!!

I have friends that are MAGA Republicans and they are cool, with that said he isn’t. I don’t like to go at people, but he told this group that my business failed.

NewsUndone is moving into an educational space. My wife and I have a successful business that generates a good life that her and her partners started 30years ago that they allowed me to be a part of.

That’s verifiable, what’s also verifiable is his business dealings. Orlando Owens has a history of financial troubles dating back to the early 2010s, including two foreclosures and a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, according to court records.

Owens lost an Aug. 9 primary challenge from attorney and state GOP operative John Leiber. Orlando lost to a guy who didn’t even really campaign then he blamed Robin Voss.

Owens’ bankruptcy filing in 2012 indicated he racked up predominantly consumer debts totaling almost $250,000, according to public records made available by the Eastern District of Wisconsin’s bankruptcy court.

Both foreclosures occurred on properties previously owned by Owens and his ex-wife as part of their real estate business.

Owens filed for bankruptcy as well as his second foreclosure four years after his divorce and two years after his first foreclosure. His ex-wife was listed as a defendant in each of the foreclosure proceedings.

Records from the Milwaukee County Clerk of Courts also indicate Owens owed JP Morgan Chase $169,427.72 in 2010 and Bank of America $132,638.93 in 2012 following mortgage foreclosures.

Landmark Credit Union — which was listed as an additional defendant in the 2010 case — also sued Owens alleging he owed the bank $9,914.15.

I myself had financial issues, I had back child support, back taxes myself. But I have never ran for Treasurer and I don’t offer financial advice.

When this man ran for State Treasurer he didn’t have a lot of financial advice on his site. Here is a few parts of his treasury site.

My Focus…

I want to seek truths and root out corruption. No more backroom deals. We the people demand transparency.

What Do I Support?

I Love God. I Love Family. I Love Country. I Love my Guns. I believe in people over party.

What are my priorities for the State?

Stop All Mask and COVID-19 Mandates

I do not support medical mandates in dealing with COVID-19 nor do I support masks. I believe individuals should make their best informed, educated, and well thought out decisions for themselves and their families.

Stop All Critical Race Theory

I do not support Critical Race Theory. I support the education of all history, with a strong focus on Love for Country.

Election Integrity

It’s time for voters to confidently cast their votes through a system that they can actually trust.

Support School Choice and Small Businesses

We need need to give our children here in Wisconsin the best opportunities they can have. I support school choice and as State Treasurer, I will be a vocal supporter. The radical left closed down businesses and paid people not to work. Not only that, but they have let crime get out of control and that impacts every element of our state – Including schools, businesses, and the workforce. I want to support small businesses and make sure they feel empowered.

This is the job description of a treasurer :

•   Maintains permanent records to track unit funds and financial transactions
•   Chairs budget committee and prepares annual budget for adoption by the association
•   Pays all bills as authorized by board or association
•   Prepares reports for every board and association meeting and an annual financial report
•   Ensures taxes and reports required by Wisconsin bylaws, insurance or federal and state governments are completed and submitted by the due dates

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