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Milwaukee Needs David D King


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How does David D King fix Milwaukee? Honestly it won’t take much right? Obviously I’m joking, with that said our team at did non partisan research on what David D King would possibly have to do to fix Milwaukee’s problems. These are things that current mayor Cavalier Johnson has had trouble with.

Please Reference our assessment of Mayor of Milwaukee Cavalier Johnson

Will Cavalier Johnson Be The Reason Milwaukee Will Become Mississippi For Blacks?

David’s God Squad has been serving the Milwaukee community for over 22 years. Their focus is to enhance the community in different ways which consist of multiple units, all designed to improve the way of life for families within the Milwaukee inner city.

Wisconsin God Squad is organized and operated exclusively for all people.

David understands business, economics, government, and finance. Most people don’t. Below are ten things our team researched that people in Milwaukee have stated publicly that they want a leader to address.

1. Encourage community involvement: One of the most effective ways to reduce crime is to foster a sense of community and encourage residents to take an active role in the safety of their neighborhoods. This can be achieved through community events, neighborhood watch programs, and partnerships with local organizations.

2. Increase police presence: The Milwaukee Police Department should consider increasing its presence in high-crime areas to deter criminal activity. This can include increasing patrols, adding surveillance cameras, and implementing foot or bike patrols in these areas.

3. Address poverty and unemployment: Crime is often linked to poverty and unemployment. Therefore, addressing these issues can help reduce crime in Milwaukee. This can be achieved through job training programs, education initiatives, and increasing access to affordable housing.

4. Improve education and after-school programs: Investing in education and after-school programs can help keep children and teenagers off the streets and provide them with positive outlets for their energy. This can also help reduce the likelihood of them getting involved in criminal activities.

5. Implement stricter gun control laws: Gun violence is a major issue in Milwaukee, so implementing stricter gun control laws can help reduce crime. This can include background checks, mandatory waiting periods, and stricter penalties for illegal possession of firearms.

6. Increase drug treatment and rehabilitation programs: Substance abuse is often linked to criminal activity. Providing access to drug treatment and rehabilitation programs can help reduce drug-related crime in the city.

7. Address mental health issues: Many criminals have underlying mental health issues that contribute to their criminal behavior. Providing access to mental health services and support can help reduce crime in Milwaukee.

8. Improve lighting and infrastructure: Poorly lit and run-down areas can attract criminal activity. Therefore, the city should invest in improving lighting and infrastructure in high-crime areas to make them safer for residents.

9. Work with local businesses: Local businesses can play a role in reducing crime in their neighborhoods. The city can work with businesses to implement security measures, such as surveillance cameras, and encourage them to hire security personnel.

10. Address systemic issues: It’s important to address any systemic issues that contribute to crime, such as discrimination, inequality, and lack of access to resources. Working towards a more just and equitable society can help reduce crime in Milwaukee.


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