Thursday, November 30, 2023

Let’s Cut To The Chase


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From Mark R Levin on Twitter

Gaetz is a POS demagogue who repeatedly lied during the House floor debate yesterday, and then, of course, simultaneously was fundraising and collecting email lists on behalf of the people. He insisted that the House failed to bring up 12 separate appropriations bills.

The fact is they could not get them out of committee because Democrats wanted to spend a great deal more, which would have blown up the budget further, and conservatives opposed the bills. It had nothing to do with a refusal by McCarthy to oppose regular order. McCarthy refused to go along with a CR that essentially adopted the Senate omnibus spending agreed to, yet again, by McConnell and Schumer. Yet, Gaetz kept insisting otherwise.

Gaetz said he’s sick and tired of deficit spending and pointed to the $33 trillion debt. I know of few conservatives who disagree. But what has he done about it? He didn’t go to the House floor, certainly not on a regular and sustained basis, and hammer away on the outrageous, massive spending for COVID funds, which were used for every imaginable purpose other than COVID and drove the debt through the roof. Gaetz demanded that the former speaker intervene in his ethics investigation and kill it, and despite text messages to the contrary, denied it.

During his ramblings yesterday, Gaetz blamed House Republicans, who passed the most aggressive bill to secure the border from the ongoing invasion orchestrated by Biden and the Democrats, for not securing the border. And the worst, to me, is Gaetz working with the Marxists in the Democrat Party, who are literally destroying our country politically, culturally, and every other way, then denying it, while accusing the former speaker of being the Democrats’ speaker, trashing Jim Jordan and Jamie Comer’s investigations, accusing Chip Roy of being a RINO, and not uttering one word against Hakeem Jeffries, AOC, or the rest of the reprobates. At the same time, he was frantically fundraising off his anarchy, on behalf of the people and the republic, of course, positioning himself as the David taking on Goliath. Gaetz and the others wound up killing the greatest effort to slash domestic spending in our lifetimes (30%), worked out with the Senate conservatives who wanted to use the House bill as leverage against McConnell, and now the Democrats control it all.

This had nothing to do with saving the country, regular order, the debt, etc. This was an unprincipled, personal, political attack led by a demagogue who repeatedly lies to conservatives and the public generally, and who is the favorite Republican of the Democrat Party and their media.


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