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“If you need them less, the outcomes won’t matter.”


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​I was born in 1979 at the tail end of the Carter Administration and ever since I can remember each presidential campaign season is “the most important in our history” as Americans. As a young man I remember voting in my first presidential election in 1999 for then Texas Governor George W. Bush. I had no way of knowing that a short time later American would be attacked, and that attack would set off a 20-year war in the middle east. I feel like I made a good choice with my first vote and while we have no way of ever knowing how Al Gore would have fared as our president, I would like to think Bush did a good enough job. The media hype and political machines keep insisting every 4 years that this will be the “most important election in our history” but I am curious what if it isn’t? 2008 was supposed to be the most important election because a young hopeful black senator from Illinois was running and if he was elected then and only then would America be “living up to the motto” that all men are created equal. In 2016 America needed a woman president because, equality. All those elections were so very important.

​Educated men and women work incredibly hard with polling and other data points to predict the outcomes of congressional, senate and presidential elections. They do sample tests, ask question after question and build in a “margin of error” just in case the poll is flawed in some way. A great example would be “Do you plant to vote for a Republican Candidate in 2024” or “Do you plan to vote for Donald Trump in 2024” both questions as asked sound the same but can be interpreted very differently. Donald Trump could be the nominee in 2024 but when asked if people will vote for Donald Trump if he has a felony conviction the numbers take a dive. It doesn’t matter what the felony is or if the charges are legit, but the pollsters don’t care, they are trying to manipulate the numbers to prove a point. There is only the illusion of a choice, not a true choice to be made.

​The basic premise of life in America right now is the more you need the government or the economic system to benefit you the more closely you will follow the election. In turn you will live or die by the results. The question I would like to ask all the readers of the article is “What if you were in a position that it didn’t matter if a “D” or an “R” won the election?” Conservatives on the right are out to make people pay for their COVID sins, the lockdowns , the lies and the censorship while liberals on the left view the 45th president as Hitler and if elected this “insurrectionist” would effectively end of our 248-year-old republic. The economy continues to be a major blight on Americans as inflation and supply chain issues continue to drive prices up putting the hurt on our checkbooks. Gas pricesfluctuate and as a bold prediction I will predict they will be down starting in August of 2024 just in time for election season. Americans have short memories and like it or not are depended on the which ever way the election winds tend to blow.

​But what if it didn’t matter? What if you were able to insulate you and your family from the ups and downs coming in the future? What if you took the time to be so resilient and self sufficient that you reduced your overall risk of being controlled or manipulated by a government that doesn’t always have your best interests at heart. What if you made it your goal to be ungovernable and not able to be controlled? At the heart of this matter is that they need you, to need them, because the more you need them, the more control they have over you. A person who cannot be easily controlled and is self-sufficient is the most radical and effective patriot there truly is because when the collapse happens, they won’t be in the bread lines hoping for another government bailout.

​As I was writing this article I began to go back and watch the Nat Geo show “Doomsday Preppers”. The show lasted a few seasons and started in 2011. I was amazed at how seemingly crazy some of the people were planning for events that have a high likelihood of NOT happening but then I began to focus on three “themes” that started to emerge. The three themes were Pandemic, Economic Collapse and Civil War and looking back it’s weird how most of those people successfully predicted 2020 and beyond. As I was watching I had a sense of uneasy realization hit me, with the assets, preparedness and skills these people have, I bet 2020, the pandemic, the riots and inflation hit them much differently than other people. The secret to all of it was they forced themselves to look ahead to the possibility of a future that they didn’t like, and they actively took steps to not only survive but thrive in the face of so many challenges.

​The Apollo 1 disaster that left 3 astronauts dead, burned to death, during a ground test was referred to as a “failure of imagination” by Nasa official Frank Borman. The engineers at NASA simply did not see the testing on the ground as a hazardous task because they were so focused on the hazards of spaceflight. They failed to imagine a scenario where the astronauts would need to egress quickly from the spacecraft if there was a fire. In modern day American  we are collectively having a “failure of imagination” as to just how bad things could get. We focus so much attention on a man or woman, a party platform or a political ideal and put all our eggs in one basket. If I hear again the Donald Trump is the ONLY one who can fix this mess, I am going to violently vomit. Is that because I don’t think DJT would do a good job? No, not at all but when someone speaks about another as the ONLY one it secretly bestows a certain type of deity on that person and no person should ever have that. Are you going to tell me with a straight face that of the 300 million plus Americans in our country that only one person can do the job? Please peddle crazy somewhere else, I am all stocked up thank you.

​The best way out of this mess is the lesson in self-sufficiency. If we need them then we will always be at a disadvantage. How many months of food and water do you have stored for an emergency? Do you have a way to heat, cool and power your home so if someone flips a switch to deny you power you can just flip the switch back on yourself. Do you have medical supplies and medical knowledge to help you when hospitals and clinics are overrun again. Do you know how to plant a garden, hunt for food and defend what is yours when people who don’t have come for what you have? Failure of Imagination will keep you in the same need-based cycle, searching for and relying on the governments help when the completely expected happens and it all crashes down.

Mike Grajedahttps://www.mikegrajeda.com
Mike Grajeda is the founder and host of the Mike is Always Right Podcast, a conservative leaning podcast focused on local Wisconsin politics and national news headlines. Mike believes in limited, small government, the sanctity of life and the second amendment. Born and raised in Southern California, Mike's political views shifted after moving to Texas, the lone star state. Seeing firsthand how California government handouts and lack of accountability failed to empower its citizens, Texas' stance on taxation and less government oversight was a breath of fresh air. Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, Mike took to the air waves to shed light on the fake news era, the deterioration of our American freedoms and the steady march toward socialism. Having a strong understanding of national politics drives Mike's passion to bring a voice to local candidates and elections. The Mike is ALWAYS Right Podcast will always be free. conservative. talk.

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