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EXCLUSIVE: Mukwonago Schools Considering Universal Psychological Screening Program in the Classroom, as Soon as 3rd Grade


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Yes, you read that right, there is a proposal that will be coming in front of the Mukwonago School Board to effectively psychoanalyze kids three times a year, as early as 3rd grade. This ‘analysis’, performed by teachers, will become part of the student’s permanent record.

Let me get this straight, teachers are going to be using their ‘professional judgement’ to decide the emotional well being of your child and that report will stay with them for life? What could possibly go wrong?

To quote Greta Thunberg, ‘HOW DARE YOU!’

This is beyond problematic, it’s as if we went through the Twilight Zone and are now living in Commuist China. This is a tactic widely used my the Chinese Government to determine who will have which career the Government chooses for them, etc.

Think this is hyperbole? Look it up.

This is clearly planting seeds and we know how small the seeds are that eventually become the mighty sequoia.

According to a January 9th memo from Christine Bowden, Director of Pupil Services, ‘a ‘team’ of K-12 ‘Representatives’ will be attending a Comprehensive School Mental Health Academy to identify how to best meet the mental health needs of students across our system. The mental health framework integrates the behavioral, academic, and social emotional components of learning.’

The memo continues to say that the team would like to pilot the mySAEBRS and the SAEBRS surveys with a cohort of students and teachers. This totally sounds like they are not asking for permission, but telling the board what’s going to happen.

Of course Christine Bowen tries to soften the draconian tactic by equating it to Fastbridge assessments like eReading and eMath that a child takes to measure their reading and math growth. NOT EVEN CLOSE!

Let’s be real here, TEACHERS ARE NOT LICENSED AND TRAINED THERAPISTS OR PSYCHIATRISTS. What’s more, THE CLASSROOM IS NOT A TREATMENT ENVIRONMENT. Imagine the amount of misdiagnosis these amateurs will commit.

This begs the question, what do they intend to do with the data? Based on where schools are trending lately, you can bet that this data will be used to indoctrinate and to manipulate parents into being forced to do things like put 3rd graders on puberty blockers or worse.

Just imagine if a teacher has a vendetta against a particular student or their parents. They can say whatever they want. Think I’m wrong? Just look at California where kids are literally being confiscated from their parents because of what teachers ‘say.’

I hope the Mukwonago School Board votes this travesty down, because in schools, if something is piloted, it almost always becomes implemented. That’s how Schools got things like Common Core, Critical Race Theory, and hyper-sexualized ‘Human Growth and Development’ (grooming) programs.

While Parent’s will have the option to opt out of this ‘voluntary’ program, at least initially, there will be some Parents who do not know better or buy into the ‘fluffy’ wording and allow it.

I am hearing that this will likely pass unless Parents make their voices heard! Mukwonago Parents can contact your School Board members here. Parents need to get involved or risk doing irreperable harm to our kids.

Mukwonogo is certainly not the only school system considering something like this. STOP IT NOW WHILE YOU STILL CAN.

Here are the memo’s and the questions of the Universal Screener Program being considered. Judge for yourself:


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