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EXCLUSIVE: After Web of Lies and DATA MANIPULATION, Calls for Rogue Wauwatosa School Board to Rescind EXTREME Sex Ed


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Yes, Wauwatosa Schools are a complete mess. There’s everything from the New extremist Sexual Education curriculum to all-out brawls that would UFC proud. But every once in a while there is a small glimmer of sanity.

A few weeks ago, the Extremist Radicals on the Wauwatosa School Board voted to add the grooming sexual education program under the name of ‘Human Growth and Development Curriculum (HGDC)’ to the Tosa School curriculum for ALL ages. As I pointed out in a recent article, they ‘justified’ their vote in support based on MANIPULATED data from a Survey of Tosa Residents.

Yes, Wauwatosa School Board President, ‘Dr.’ Eric Jessup-Anger, ‘Ph.D.’, and his merry band of left-wing extremist Social Justice Warriors, including extremist School Superintendent Demond Means, literally LIED to Wauwatosa that it was what parents wanted. The survey data was public for several days and showed that Wauwatosa was largely AGAINST the program.

Unfortunately, ‘Dr.’ Eric Jessup-Anger, ‘Ph.D.’ knows better than parents and in an effort to CHANGE THE RESULTS, literally called for REMOVING surveys taken from emails that were not on school lists.

The ‘smoking gun’ email proves they manipulated the data…

The email from Marble shows that not only did they go out of their way to boot any email they didn’t know, but they also kicked results of actual parents on the district.

Armed with this manipulated data and lies, ‘Dr.’ Eric Jessup-Anger, ‘Ph.D.’ and his fellow extremists who apparently want to have hyper-sexualized elementary students, voted 6-1 to adopt the program. Board Member, Michael Meier was the only one who voted ‘NO’ on the measure.

Meier is the sole glimmer of sanity on the board.

On Friday afternoon, Meier issued an official MOTION TO RESCIND the controversial Sex Ed Program. I have pasted the full text of the motion below as well as attached a PDF here.

In his email, Meier stated:

Dr Means and Dr Jessup-Anger,

I request that the attached Motion to Rescind Human Growth and Development Curriculum Renewal of August 22, 2022 be placed on the action agenda for the regular meeting of September 26, 2022.


Mike Meier

As of writing this article, I have seen no response from the good ‘Dr.’ and I will update you as I get it. One thing for sure, Mike Meier needs our support. He is the lone voice of sanity on the Wauwatosa School Board and needs to be praised!

Wauwatosa families need to rise up and get this extremist garbage out of their schools NOW. I don’t know if this will work, but pressure helps.

For a district that focuses so much on ‘diversity and inclusion,’ their vote told people who didn’t like the curriculum to ‘take it or leave it.’ Not very inclusive now, is it?

Motion to Rescind

Human Growth and Development Curriculum Renewal of August 22, 2022

Whereas the school district administration conducted an online survey of opinions regarding the proposed HumanGrowth and Development Curriculum (HGDC), and such data was maintained on the District website;

Whereas documented in an email by Nicole Marble on August 24, 2022, Board Members requested changes to the HGDC data based on criteria offered by Board Members;

Whereas documented in an email by Nicole Marble on August 24, 2022, District Officials worked to carry out thedirectives of Board Members to change the data presentation in favor of some data over other data;

Whereas the District Officials worked as in informal group of unidentified membership (Data Exclusion Group) underthe directives of unidentified Board Members acting as public officials for the purpose to exclude some survey data from public consideration by the School Board (Board); the Data Exclusion Group did not form and act pursuant to the charter given to school district administration by the Board, but was formed, operated, and acted under directive of Board government officials for a specific purpose to affect the outcome of subsequent decisions of the Board through decisions to filter data.

Whereas, although the filtering of survey data may be conducted for a legitimate purpose, the process in this case to make filtering decisions and the factors used to choose the filtered data should have been a public process as it wasdirected from the Board Members as public officials with the intent to influence the final decision of the full Board on the HGDC.

Whereas the Data Exclusion Group “effectively acted not just as staff, but as a separate,

collective, advisory body to the Board.” (See Wisconsin Open Meetings Law Compliance Guide 8, (May 2019) (citing Att’y Gen Tylka Correspondence 3 (June 8, 2005)), and operated in a manner that the activity to modify the survey data was not conducted in the course of meetings noticed and conducted in compliance with the Open Meetings Law;

Whereas the deliberations of the Data Exclusion Group constituted meetings under the Open Meetings Law, as the Data Exclusion Group constituted a local body created by informal directive by governmental officials that assigned it duties. (Wisconsin Open Meetings Law Compliance Guide 2, (May 2019) (citing 78 Op. Att’y Gen. 67, 68–69 (1989))); and the Data Exclusion Group acted in its duty to engage in an advisory process that resulted in a written statement of data for the Board to consider in an action of the Board, to the exclusion of other data that was not publicly discussed, not publicly available, and not publicly disclosed or observed as to why data was excluded and what data was excluded.

Whereas the Data Exclusion Group conducted its business out of sight of the public, in violation of the Open Meetings Law, the work product of the Data Exclusion Group was unlawfully produced in secrecy and used by the full Board during deliberations and vote on the Human Growth and Development Curriculum on August 22, 2022, therefore the action of the Board on

August 22, 2022 regarding the Human Growth and Development Curriculum should be rescinded as an outcome of an unlawful secret and closed process. Furthermore

  • The Data Exclusion Group decision-making discussions on data were conducted without notice and out of sightof the public. As activities of the Data Exclusion Group constitute meetings under the Open Meetings Law, the decision-making discussions were conducted in violation of the Open Meetings Law.
  • The decisions of the Data Exclusion Group as to criteria for exclusion of data were conducted out of sight of the public. As activities of the Data Exclusion Group constituted meetings under the Open Meetings Law, the decisions on criteria for exclusion of data were conducted in violation of the Open Meetings Law.
  • During deliberations on the Human Growth and Development Curriculum on August 22, the Board by roll callvote rejected an amendment that required administration to produce a date-certain commitment for a plan and a timeline for development of an alternative curricular choice to the proposal, such that the alternative wouldaddress the requirements of those in the data totals who opposed the main proposal. The roll call defeat of the amendment for a plan for an alternate curricular offering was significantly based on the opinion data distribution in the data before the Board for consideration, but the opinion data distribution before the Board was the fruit of the Data Exclusion Group that had operated and made data exclusion decisions in violation of the Open Meetings Law. Thus, the action of the full Board was a result of an unlawful, secret advisory process, and should be rescinded as the amendment process was influenced by the fruit of the Open Meetings Law issues.
  • On August 22, 2022, the full Board approved the Human Growth and Development Curriculum. The approval was significantly based on the data presented as fruit of the Data Exclusion Group that had operated inviolation of the Open Meetings Law. Thus, the approval action of the full Board was a result of unlawful, secret advisory process, and should be rescinded.

Whereas the decisions on parameters for modification of survey data were not made in the course of meetings noticed and conducted in compliance with the Open Meetings Law,

I hereby move to rescind Human Growth and Development Curriculum Renewal of August 22, 2022


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