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Colorado St Head Coach Jay Norvell Rewards Player Who Made Dirty Hit On Wide Receiver Travis Hunter


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Jay Norvell ; Career Record: 7 Years, 36-36, .500 Win% (at major schools) ; Bowl Record: 3 Games, 2-1, .667 Win%

I believe a team is a reflection of their coach. Jay Norvell was disrespectful to Deion Sanders, his upbringing and his mother. I think Jay Norvell is a complete sellout because he chimed in the same way other coaches chimed in on Deion Sanders.

The cheap shot on Travis Hunter was completely intentional and the young man that did the cheap shot in my opinion was just following the negative energy of his sell out Coach.

During the press conference, Jay Norvell made excuses about the calls. But he didn’t talk about the call that a leader would’ve made. The safety that intentionally hurt Travis Hunter should be suspended for the rest of his season.

Jay Norvell is not a class act, he is not a good leader, and he is not a good person.

And he isn’t even a winner

Portion Below By Steve DelVecchio

Colorado State defensive back Henry Blackburn has received death threats over his hit on Colorado star Travis Hunter in Saturday’s game between the teams, and Deion Sanders wants that to stop.

Sanders delivered a strong message about Blackburn during the coach’s press conference on Tuesday. He called Blackburn a “good player who played a phenomenal game.” Sanders also condemned those who have made death threats or anything of the sort against Blackburn.

“He made a tremendous hit on Travis on the sideline. You could call it dirty, you could call it he was just playing the game of football. But whatever it was, it does not constitute that he should be receiving death threats,” Sanders said. “This is still a young man trying to make it in life and trying to live his dream and hopefully graduate with honors or a degree committed to excellence and go to the NFL. He does not deserve a death threat over a game.

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I believe Jay Norvell is a clown, I am in disbelief That this guy is this blind.

Colorado St fire him at the end of the season for being a horrible coach and person.

My Evidence to support that opinion is that the horrible player that hit Travis Hunter will not be suspended.


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