Sunday, June 16, 2024

Childhood Lost; the Death of Parenthood in Wauwatosa 


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Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere.” Some of the truest words ever spoken by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., some of the truest words ever spoken. The injustice I witnessed tonight not only broke my heart, but highlighted to me the horrifying effects of the WOKE agenda. Damaged teachers, blinded parents, indoctrinated children, Dr. Kings dream shattered on the floor of that board room, parents, medical experts, taxpayers ignored. The deck stacked against them before the meeting even began. The expert panel had not even one person on it that disagreed with this radical curriculum that teaches our youngest minds.

In the parking lot an innocent Mom from another district was live broadcasting and a woman, who turned out to be a Wauwatosa Alderperson, came up behind her aggressively put her hands on her shoulders, because the Mom was from another district and came out in support of the Wauwatosa Parents clamoring for their rights. (Take note, she is up for re-election in 2024, and if she is going to place her hands on innocent Americans, she should really be replaced, more to come on this story soon) The police were called and the conservative Mom chose not to press charges because the woman was with her children (one of which she knocked over to touch the innocent Mom) and, always thinking about protecting every child the victim chose not to do anything in the moment. I hope she changes her mind. 

Just imagine if the tables were turned and one of the conservatives did this to one of the Liberals.

Moments later I had a parent tell me that children as young as two years old masturbate and that since parents won’t tell their child why they are doing that it is incumbent on the community as a whole to raise that child and make sure “it” knows that masturbation is all part of “the plan.” When I asked her what plan? She looked confused and told me “God’s plan.” When I questioned her and asked about her belief in God she told me to “remove my finger from her face.” Not that it matters, but my hand was in my pocket and the other was holding my bag. There was no finger pointing.

I am a taxpayer, a parent, and I am here tonight to remind our elected officials they are here to serve not only the community they live in, but all students and their right to an unencumbered childhood.

Parental rights include, but are not limited too, making decisions regarding children’s education and healthcare in a manner consistent with their family’s values. Parents have the duty to do so in a manner that promotes their children’s general health and well-being. Of course, in the rare cases where there is proof of abuse or neglect, the government can, and should, take necessary steps to protect children from harm. But this does not include some bureaucrat elected by parents and taxpayers to overrule the will of his or her constituents and sexually educated a child! 

It did not go unnoticed that last nights packed house saw parents and taxpayers sent to an overflow room. Why was this meeting not moved to the library, like so many other meetings before? Why was the Board trying so hard to silence parents wanting to protect our students?

To protect America’s children, parents and taxpayers must exercise their rights and ensure that our laws and policies respect them. There has been a shift in priorities, schools have shifted away from educating and seem entitled to politicking our students with radical sexual ideology that most parents do not want.  There is no law on the books that say it’s OK to tell a child that there are more than 2 genders. Because there are not. We have a newly installed United States Supreme Court Justice who is female, yet cannot define what a woman is because she is not a biologist. Yet this curriculum was approved and this board wants to empower an elementary school teacher to teach a child what gender they can be, how is that possible? 

Our schools are failing, our students are graduating at record numbers unable to read, write, do simple math facts and an unelected school administration in conjunction with elected bureaucrats seeking to push forward a perverse agenda are taking hours and hours of precious class time dedicating it gender identity politics and a radical sexual ideology that the young mind is just not equipped to process. 

What I witnessed tonight had little to do with education and everything to do with politicking our youngest minds. Parents, when will enough be enough, if this can happen in Wauwatosa what makes you think it won’t happen in your school district? There are laws to protect our youngest minds from this perversion. It’s time we see them enforced. 


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